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Is there a way to archive years of yahoo email?

Asked by synapse (433points) June 30th, 2012

I have eight years of my life in yahoo email. I don’t want to delete it all and I don’t want to lose it all but I don’t see a way to archive it through yahoo. I have the option of importing it all into gmail and then archiving. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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I would just copy it all to disc.

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First, yahoo mail is not going anywhere. I have had a yahoo account since about 1996. It is all still there.
If you really want to export it you can. I have put mine in .pst (Outlook) files that most email programs can import and read.

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Thank you! I’m not worried about yahoo going anywhere. In checking email via phone, I do not see the need for it to load thousands of messages.

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Speaking of Yahoo, it deleted your emails if you didn’t sign in for 4 months? Do you think they are going to reverse that?

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impress upon ctrl+p and put the printouts in a filin’ cabinet like they used to in the good ‘ol days prior to them interwebs, yay

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I have never seen a function for shifting Y!Mail anywhere, so I would have to suggest a systematic copy/paste to an archive.

@fremen_warrior Microfilm, buddy. Microfilm like it was 1938.

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@Nullo it ever so pleases me to know such learned persons as yourself still reside within the confines of this otherwise unimaginative establishment. Pip pip, cheerio, cheerio! :)

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You could get a free dropbox account and copy/paste them into there….boy that would take AGES though.

If you mean dump past years from inbox…I wish I knew and if you figure it out, let me know :D

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