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Would you correct the phrasing of the following question?

Asked by flo (12974points) June 30th, 2012

This is not what I was thinking of when I was asking this question. That video is for programmers I guess? How would you phrase the question for the simple thing I’m trying to do?

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make a video of your own detailing what it is exactly you want to do so as to help us visualize it

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You’re not trying to do something simple when it comes to word processing. The simple way to take a list from a column form to a row form is to write it as a sentence is written, one word at a time in left to right form. To actually use the technology of a word processing system to convert is complicated programming. MS Excel offers the most advanced method to date and that was given by @gambitking in your previous question.

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No, its not for programmers. Its for excel people…

Re: your question, – Your example was strange. Why did you link to a fluther question? Is the “list” the answers? That’s confusing. People don’t think of that as a list.

If I understand what you want, do this:
Highlight and copy the list.
Paste it into excel.
Highlight what you just pasted.
Paste > Paste Special > Transpose (i.e. what the video does).

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Thank you all very much.

the list in question by the way, (the list of fruits and vegetables when it comes to pesticides)

Okay, the strange thing is after clicking “Paste Special” I get an entirely different (browser?) (doesn’t give me what the video shows which includes _“Values, “Values” “Transpose”. What I get is the one that has the options:
Unicode Text
In other words very close to this So now what do I do?

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Okay never mind I skipped one step, that:s why I got the other thing.

Okay now I got done, on Excel. How do I get it copied into this dialog box here?

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