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I Really Wish I Had a/an ________ Right Now.

Asked by jstringham21 (640points) May 30th, 2008 from iPhone

fill in the blank.

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answer for this question

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Bag of Potato Chips!

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A doll that qoutes George W. Bush.

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A question for this answer. Wait for April 1 to roll around again.

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bowl of hot soup for my sore throat

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Glass of chocolate milk!

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stock options at Google

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A gigantic cup of Peet’s coffee. So I would get up off my ass and do something that needs doing.

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alshely tissdale

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An oil well.

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A wife. I would like to know that someone is going to be there for the rain instead of just the sunshine.

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I love how he spelled Ashley Tisdale…

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wings to fly

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An ice cream sandwich and my friend Christine who’s gone for the summer.

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less painful uterus

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cup of chamomile tea

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Klondike Bar. I mean come on, what more can you ask for?

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airplane to take me back to LA

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Wait, why would you want to leave SF for LA? Why? Why? Oh, the humanity…

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a BIG watermelon

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a happy mood

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massage with a feliz finito.

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lot more lurve

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A Crif Dog. You don’t walk it, you eat it.

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caramel macchiato w/ extra drizzle!

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Better election.

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A girlfriend.

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boner lol =] im a girl so it doesnt make sense.. i just thought someone would have said that by now

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applebee’s parmesan shrimp sirloin with loaded mashed potatoes

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an iced latte drizzled with caramel

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Invisibility cloak

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