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Where can I buy bulk/wholesale flip flops for cheap?

Asked by sfgal (277points) July 1st, 2012

Anyone have ideas for where I can buy wholesale bulk women’s flip flops for a couple of dollars a pair? I probably need around 40 pairs for an event. The wholesale places I’ve found online all seem to require buying more than that – i.e. 144 pairs. If anyone has thoughts on where you can buy inexpensive flip flops (preferably in either gold or silver) I’d appreciate the advice.

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Do they have to be wearable? here is a bunch of flip flop themed stuff.
You might also check a beauty supply.

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I just got my pair of pink rubber flip flops Like These at the 99 Cent Only Store. They will sell you stuff in bulk too, I don’t think they have a mininum or a limit. I don’t recall seeing any gold or silver ones, but I was looking for the rubber ones. I think they may have had some that have the fake leather straps with the bamboo on the inside part where you stand, they might have some with silver or gold straps. Like These

Also check The Dollar Store, they had flip flops too.

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Wholesale case of flip flops will be 144 pairs. You’re looking for a cheapo price for 40 pairs. Otherwise you’re looking to buy a case of gold or silver flip flops, then will be selling the 104 pairs you don’t need.

The cheapo price will be found at any dollar store (physical location or online…though when I looked online, you’ll definitely be buying colors, not gold or silver since those are either sold out)

^First, you need to work out which situation you fit into best. Next, you may want to do a craft project if you cant find the gold or silver you’re looking for in time for the event.

You could glitter the flip flops to become the colors you need them to be. Otherwise, I’d experiment with acryllic paint on the top thong part of the shoe & around the foam rubber edge.

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On June 30th, Old Navy had a $1 flip flop sale. Now they’re $5, I think.

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Try Amazon/ebay or ioffer

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