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Is there an iPhone YouTube app that doesn't require buffering when replaying?

Asked by Atheros (320points) July 1st, 2012

More or less the title says it all. I just hate when I have to buffer the videos again when I want to replay them. Especially with songs while using mobile internet.

Thanks for your help!

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Buffering is a good thing. Buffering is your friend. You should be happy about it.

What buffering does is download a chunk of music/video, so that when you are in a situation where the signal is poor or tje connection is broken, you get a continuous or non-stop playback. Buffering – even though it takes a few seconds – is actually providing you a higher quality experience.

learn to love it. Buffering is good.

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No, buffering is the process of loading the video. I guess you could stare at a blank screen.

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I think what they are asking is, is there an app that downloads youtube videos instead of streaming them.

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@Lightlyseared Then there are plenty if you jailbreak your iphone, in fact there is one that integrates it into the youtube app.

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Ah, I guess I didn’t explain it good enough.
When watching YouTube videos on a computer, once it’s loaded, you can replay it forever without having to load it again. But this is not the case with iOS.
So is there an app that lets you replay without reloading the whole video?

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Once again, no

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