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Why do I have to keep restoring the software in my iPhone?

Asked by SuperMouse (30814points) July 1st, 2012

I have an iPhone 3. Last week I lost my service so I took it to the Apple store; they wiped out the operating system then restored it which fixed the problem. Yesterday I lost service again and restored the operating system myself. Within an hour I lost service again! I restored it yet again and (fingers crossed) it is still working. Any ideas why this keeps happening and how I can stop it?

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Just shitty service, I doubt the restoration is actually doing anything, a reboot might do the same.

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what @XOIIO said… phone is not the problem, it’s the service provider!
Let me guess… AT&T?
They’ve probably throttled back your speeds, poor signal quality, dropped calls… their way of telling you to dish out another $200+ for a new phone, re-up on a 2 yr. contract, and get you off of your existing unlimited data plan, (that’s if you’re still on your original iPhone plan).

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Could that be the case even if my husband’s iPhone on the same account is sitting right next to mine and he has a great signal? This is our first iPhone contract but we don’t have the unlimited data plan.

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Is it the same gen iphone?

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It is. Now my phone has gone completely bonkers! I can” get the software replaced or even get it to turn off. This is really starting to grate on me.

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Try holding down the home button and sleep button for 10 seconds.

Have you tried calling your service provider? They might need to update the sim card.

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I had the sim card replaced and it didn’t work either. I finally went to the Apple store. After they did all kinds of diagnostics they decided it was the phone so I had to get a new one. I was rather irritated, but the guy who helped me was able to code the problem in such a way as to give me the for for half price.

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I’m curious about how long you’ve had the phone and whether you paid the extra bucks for the extra year of Apple Care coverage on the phone? I would have expected them to give you a full replacement free of charge since its obviously the phone which is faulty.

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I had the phone one year and three months – it was 88 days out of warranty. We did not have the Apple Care coverage.

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Well, IMHO that is unconscionable that they charged you anything to replace an obviously defective phone. Ive had mine going on four years now without a hitch and I expects a much longer life for it yet.

If it were ATT with whom you were dealing, I would have said thats par for the course but for the Apple store that is just outrageous. Its not as if you did anything to cause the problem. Is there any way you can speak to the store manager? Or possibly call the 800 help line ans speak to a product specialist letting them know in no uncertain terms how unacceptable this is.

Less than a two year life span for a piece of technology this expensive is absolutely outrageous. If they’re going to insist upon exploiting cheap labor in China then the very least they can do is to make good on its shortcomings and replace it without extra cost to you.

What I find especially ironic is that the employee resorted to convincing you he was doing you a special favor by only charging you half price. Thats too outrageous for words.

If you speak to someone higher up with the authority to authorize more, I’m assuming that they’ve had enough sales training to realize hat alienating a customer in this way over an obviously defective product will cost them much more business in the long run because word gets around. It would be far more cost effective and buy them far more good will and customer loyalty than saving the extra money you were charged. With the obscene profits they make they can certainly afford it !

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