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Got the job what?

Asked by thebluewaffle (1002points) July 1st, 2012

Leaving the Army and have hopefully just secured a job I’m very interested in. I was successful at interview and was phoned back with the job offer, then ended up being invited to a ‘chat’ to discuss terms and conditions of the role…Bit hung up about the dress code, I mean, I’ve got the job but I am still leaning towards a shirt & tie affair, just to keep appearences sweet…But several friends and family members think a more casual dress code would be fine…Any ideas?

Thanks a lot.

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Without knowing anything about the job environment you are looking at, I am inclined to say it never hurts to wear a dress shirt and tie! It will show them you are serious about the job from the get go and are not taking it for granted. I know I would dress up rather than going with what might “be fine.”
Best of luck.

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You never get a second chance to make a first impression…Follow your gut, the shirt and tie is never a bad idea, typically. You can always remove the tie, you can’t add it later.

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Always dress just a step above the everyday wear. And if you don’t know what the culture is like, definitely wear a coat and tie.

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Thanks a lot, you all just confirmed what I was more inclined to wear…Am now proceeding to tell family and friends to ‘shut the hell up!’...

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It depends a lot on the job. Anything that pays salary, dress professionally. If it’s a job at a gas station or supermarket, casual (but nice) is fine. WEAR NICE SHOES AND BLACK SOCKS.

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What were people wearing when you went for the interview? What part of the country was the job? What is your position at the company?

All of those things will have a bearing on what to wear.

If in doubt, ask.

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Get fancy. My sister was the HR person at Symantec and she advised me to go full on.

They know you won’t wear your wedding atire during a normal workday. But it shows you care.

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If it’s indoor work, coat and tie for the first day. And shine your shoes. Some people look you up and down, head to toe. You may be able to go more casual after the first day. Ask what the dress code is, then you’ll know for sure. Congratulations and good luck!

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Call the people at HR there and ask them for suggestions. “Part of the country” be damned, corporate cultures vary widely (sometimes wildly) no matter where you are. Case in point, I worked at a small SoCal telecom manufacturing company; you’d think that might be casual, but guess again. That was the most formal place I’ve ever worked at. Down the road were places that make it a point to never wear ties, to never “dress up”.

The HR people will want you to feel comfortable and to fit in. They’ll give you good guidelines for dressing for your follow-up interview and your introduction to work there.

Good luck in the new job.

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