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Boat trailer question?

Asked by mowens (8350points) July 2nd, 2012

Ok, so on the back of my trailer I have 2 heavy duty straps. One for the left side of the boat, and another for the right.

They are hooked on either side, and secure the back of the boat to the trailer.

I lost one. What is this called, and where do I buy them? Are they universal?

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Trailer strap, winch strap, tie down,...

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You can pick up nylon strap and winch tie-downs at any decent auto supply store. Head for the aisle for trailer accessories and make sure that you get one that’s suitable for the size and weight of your boat. As you say it’s a heavy duty strap, you’ll want something equally heavy for a replacement. (They may not be as short as the ones you’ve been using, if you have one per side, but the heavy ones are often also pretty long, so you may be able to replace your two separate straps with a single one that spans the width of the boat and simply fastens to the other side of the trailer.

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I put a rachet strap on there for now.

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