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There will never be peace in the middle east?

Asked by seVen (3489points) May 30th, 2008 from iPhone
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people over there are way too stubborn. i do not know why they are fighting because it says in “the book” that god gave the land to abraham and all his descendants. abraham had 2 sons: isaac and ishmael. isaac continued judaism, and ishmael went off and formed islam. so, by the bible, the land should belong to both religious groups. i dont know why the scholars overlooked this.

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I don’t think there will ever be peace. Too much bad blood and over-religious zealousness.

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@mtl, not everyone reads the bible.

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Yes, but both groups know the biblical story well.

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Was this a question? I feel like Alex Trebek. Please rephrase in the form of a question…

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@wizard: this war is mainly over religion, so reading the bible should be a key part in this war.

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Never say never. Many people said that about Ireland and look what has happened there.

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As long as religion persists, people will find a way to fight about it. Plus, there’s so much historical bad blood between all
parties involved…

When I was younger, I used to think people could grow past violence as a means of solving problems.

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not in middle east, neither in the whole world, sadly..

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Murder in the name of God. If only people killed over other fictitious figures like Santa Claus. I guess his past isn’t soaked in blood and rape like the rest.

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Maybe it’s not about religion. Maybe it’s about difference in general. We’re afraid
of difference. We can’t figure out why other people wouldn’t want to be like us.
If they don’t want to be like us, maybe we’re not that great. Could this be true?
Don’t ask us to think that. Perhaps we should kill you for making us wonder.

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Pupntaco said it. As long as you have groups of people with violently opposing views – the fighting will not stop.

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this war is actually over land.if u know your history then u would know the Jews and Palestinians were living peacefully under the ottoman empire until the ottomans collapsed,disputaing the land to have the two groups to figure on their own and grouping them differently.and bow the media hypes it up to be a religious war as well as extremists.

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it’s about both land possession and religious beliefs. Palestinians will never admit there was ever a holocaust, for if they do they will admit the Jews were there first. None of the Arab nations will acknowledge this fact. All the parties involved in this war are very knowledgeable of their religious roots and are even pragmatic in their beliefs and the way they act accordingly. This leads to the extremism they stand for. You could never convince a Palestinian or Arab that Israelis were there before them. This is why they question Israel to go back to USA and start their country there. They will always see Israelis as invaders. A peace deal with the Palestinians will never work, period.

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@afgan great answer as most people don’t know the truth they just belive what they are told because they are too lazy to do real research.

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Why do people keep asking this same question over and over? It’s painful, but the answer is no, never. The Arabs will never tolerate Jews living in “their” hood. Ever.

After all, Pakistan was created just like Israel – afterwards, in fact – taking land that was India’s and forcing all the Hindu’s out to partition a new country called Pakistan, a majority-Muslim country. Thousands of Hindu’s and Muslims were forced to leave their homes and exchange countries depending on their religion. So why is the world so against Israel for doing the same thing? Have you ever heard anyone saying that Pakistan wasn’t a legimate country? Why hasn’t the Arab world helped the Palestinians more? They talk the talk but they don’t walk their talk.

This is all about hatred of the Jews in the MIddle East, and that will never end.

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