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What's the stupidest mistake you've ever made?

Asked by nikipedia (28045points) July 2nd, 2012

I just deleted 3 months’ worth of work by accident.

Anyone else out there ever done something incredibly stupid?

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Marrying a woman because I believed she was in need of rescue. I did this twice before I understood my erroneous intentions.

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I’ve proudly mentioned some of my biggest blunders in past threads and maybe later I’ll list them here. In the meantime, if you haven’t recovered your lost work, perhaps you’ll find a solution here.

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Letting my marriage go to pot.

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It involves hot sauce….

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There are no mistakes, only lessons.
I’ve had plenty of lessons, mostly involving people that were

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Blindly stepping into a situation in which I was horribly taken advantage of and had my innocence ripped away by the wrong person. It has severely impacted my life. And it’s impossible to try and forget.

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Being in a relationship because others have pressured me into them. Trying to mimic others behaviors and habits, only to bomb at them because these things were essentially not the real me. Now I live my life according to my own ‘gut theory’, which basically means trusting my own intuition.

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The worst work mistake I ever made was preparing a deed of trust and sending it to be recorded with another bank as the beneficiary. Boy were they surprised when they found out they held a house as collateral when they didn’t make a loan on that house. They weren’t half as surprised as the bank I worked for was when they found out they made a loan on a property and had no collateral whatsoever. The mistake was fixed and I didn’t lose my job, but man I felt like a major screw up for a long, long time.It was just awful! This was back in the day when we had to type loan documents by hand, now they are computer generated.

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I’ve done similar. I hadn’t backed up a lot on my last computer so when the HDD fried, I lost 100s of photos I took in Canada, Europe, Mexico, etc. I try not to think about it…

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Bringing bottle opener souvenirs to Kansas.

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In a vain attempt to look Starsky & Hutch cool, I once hopped off a bus just as it was coming to a stop. This didn’t end well, unless having yourself draped around street furniture suddenly catches on :¬(

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I went out in odd shoes over the weekend and didn’t realise. Very similar heel height and style… wonder if anyone noticed?

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I once mistook a Ben Gay-like ointment for a chafing remedy. That was unpleasant.

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I once traded Mother’s last cow for a handful of “magic” beans.

The rest? Well, that’s another story . . .

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I once thought I made a mistake!

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I thought a test at school was more important than going to the emergency room.

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Oh, @nikipedia, I feel your pain. I deleted everything off a work computer. Twice. Thank god, Norton Utilities was able to recover nearly all of it.

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Spelling mistakes.

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