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Why do people get back with exes?

Asked by punkrockworld (960points) May 30th, 2008

There’s a reason why u guys broke up in the first place.

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I got back with an ex because I was lonely and she knew me much better than anyone else at the time. I also felt bad about the initial breakup. It didn’t end well, though.

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Because they leave to soon from they’re first (ex) when they feel like it’s a good thing to do, but in reality it’s just a sudden urge. Once they really meet their new boyfriend/girlfriend they find that their ex was more of what they truly wanted.

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Because sometimes you find out the break-up was a mistake, and you both really care. My husband and I broke up twice briefly while we were dating. We ahave been married 25 years in August.

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because sometimes despite the pain, the heartache, and the hurt they still love that person and feel that if they just give it one more try they can make it to that happily ever after. Doesn’t work most of the time but from a young age we are told to follow our hearts. Nobody says your heart is not the best judge of charachter.

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Um, perhaps shallow, but…...the sex?

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Because she was really hot and really persuasive.

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Because just like judging people, getting back with your ex is easy and it feels good.
I think most here agree, it usually just sounds good at the time.

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My serious answer is this:

People get back with their former lovers or partners for one simple reason.
It is easier to do that than to go out and find new ones. The hunt for romance is not something that appeals to a lot of folks because, just like a job, it is work.

To find the perfect partner, just like to find the perfect vocation, requires intense focus, diligence, knowing what you want, understanding your strengths and weaknesses and then having the emotional propulsion to get out and do the things necessary to meet people. New relationships require charm, tact, a willingness to explore, patient listening, equally patient sharing, and also physical attraction. That means you need to be, at the very least, aware of your looks and body and capable of presenting them in a fortuitous way. All of that means work.

People return to their former mates because extending the effort to find new ones is more problematic and requires greater effort.

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because you and your ex usually go through serious moments and you simply can’t replace those moments with a new face.
and it’s a bother to go through the whole “so whats your favorite color?” “how were you when you were a kid” getting-to-know-you questions.
and its just hard to bear your soul out to another person, hoping not to get hurt again.

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You say there’s a reason you borke up in the first place. There is also a reason why you got together in the first place. There had to be some kind of spark or attraction that brought two people together. Sometimes you just don’t realize what you had until it’s gone.

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Because they fear being alone.

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sex and lust?

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They are comfortable with the demon they know.

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