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What are minor things about food that annoy you?

Asked by Berserker (33396points) July 2nd, 2012

The kind of thing about cooking or eating that really isn’t the end of the world…but that you just can’t help to be annoyed or bothered by.

For example, I hate it when I store away leftovers, and take them out again, and find that the food retains the shape of the container it was in. I don’t know why, but I find it annoyingly weird. It’s kind of icky, like it’s been experimented on by mad scientists. Especially happens with noodles.

I love ravioli, but It pisses me off when I get ’‘Siamese ravioli’’. This is when two raviolis are stuck to one another’s flat side. I have to separate them, and even after cooking, the flat sides of the ones that were stuck together taste all flaky and gross. Man, life is too hard.
So, care to share any minor complaints about food? Any situation is fine.

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Egg shells that won’t come off the freakin’ egg!

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I hate when bananas are too sweet. The one I just ate was. I still will eat them but I feel like the riper a banana gets the sweeter it gets, and I also have this hunch that temperature has something to do with it. My house is a hot box right now and it was probably the sweetest banana I have ever eaten. I’ve made this connection before too.

The astringency of pears, although I love pears. I hate the texture they can give my mouth.

@jonsblond Good one. So frustrating!!!! Sometimes I just want to (and have) whipped the egg across the room.

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I hate spilling anything on myself. A sloppy sandwich or whatever, you are starving and the whole thing explodes all over you. One of my rare moments of extreme upset. lol

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Avocados – the fattiest, creamiest of fruits – have a 15 minute window of perfect ripeness.

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@Coloma Lmao exploding sandwiches.

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- Grains of rice with one black spot on them making them look like a maggot.

- Tomatos that look nice and red but still have greenish seeds when you cut in to them.

- Oranges that insist on shooting their nasty acid jizz dirctly in to my eyeball as I peal them.

- The fact that pepper never makes me sneeze, spinach does not make me strong and banana peels never make me fall over. Cartoons lied to me.

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The pork sausages we buy are directly from the farm and they taste so ‘porky’.. I’m having a bit of indigestion right now because of eating such a sausage. It isn’t the great processed stuff you can get in the grocery store :p

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@poisonedantidote I’m laughing so hard at “nasty acid jizz!”

I’m really annoyed by the fact that many of my favorite foods are bad for me. Tacos, pizza, Chinese food, etc…

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mention food and everyone shows up for the partay!

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I feel like every ravioli is like that.

when leftover rice is too hard
when leftover noodles are too hard
when leftover bread is too hard
when you microwave something and it’s either too hot or not hot enough
when you overcook or under-cook scrambled eggs

when spaghetti falls out of your pockets while you’re talking to the girl of your dreams and run away in embarrassment, but you slip on the fallen spaghetti and everyone laughs at you. And you fart at the loudest volume which causes more laughter.

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@WillWorkForChocolate You know, that’s my most annoying thing, too… mostly, that all of the food I like makes me fat.

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@WillWorkForChocolate There are foods I can’t eat that I love because they make me double over with stomach cramps for hours after I eat them. Bananas and avocados do that to me. I’m already picky enough with my fruits and vegetables. It sucks that I can’t eat those two that I love dearly. I once spent 3 hours in bed with terrible pains on the 4th of July because I ate some really kick ass guacamole.

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@poisonedantidote Yeah gross, maggot rice. ’‘goosebumps’’ And lmao at acid orange jizz. XD

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@thesparrow I just sprinkled my pizza with Sensa. Makes me feel better about myself. And it actually works, haha!

Oh yes, @jonsblond, I am very mildly lactose intolerant. I can eat dairy, but if I have too much, I’m in terrible pain. I also have a difficult time with broccoli, cabbage, and tomato, for some reason.

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@WillWorkForChocolate Does that stuff actually work? Wow…

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WTF.. this Sensa stuff is expensive as hell.

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I hate what happenes to some vegetables after they have been frozen like potatoes taste water logged no matter what you do to them they are a pile of mealy mush to me.

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@WillWorkForChocolate Thanks! I appreciate it.

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I always hated when I got a cheeseburger and the cheese wasn’t melted. Whether it’s from a grill or a restaurant, the cheese has to be melted. It really grinds my gears.

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That the best stuff makes you fat.

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Over done Steak

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What I hate is enjoying a delicious piece of steak and finding a piece of gristle that I can’t chew enough to swallow. I end up spitting it into my napkin as inconspicuously as possible, but feeling embarrassed. Kind of spoils the moment.

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@Sunny2 Been there got a new steak and it was discounted by 50 % for my entire meal.

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I hate when food stays uncooked in the middle. I don’t like cheese that is supposed to melt, but instead turns into a patch of hard plastic.

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I’ve mostly had it happen at home; sometimes at someone else’s home. Restaurant steaks have usually been just fine.

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I hate when foods have a strange texture. I don’t eat pasta for that reason.

Also, I can’t stand food that is squishy. It’s just gross.

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@jonsblond: When egg shells stick to the soft or hard-boiled egg, it is because the egg is not very fresh. If you boil an egg after you have removed it from under the hen, cool it a bit and then roll the egg on the counter a bit (or between your hands), the shell will slither off easily.

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It annoys me when I put something in the microwave, wait however long I set it in for, get everything else ready for my meal (utensils, drink, etc), get comfortable on the couch and mentally prepared to eradicate my hunger, only to dig in and find out that the food is still cold in the middle!!! Annoys the crap out of me. Sometimes I’ll make the effort to get up and finish heating it, but that depends on how hungry I am if I’m really hungry, I’ll start off with the hot parts and then finish microwaving the rest once my hunger is slightly under control.

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I hate that you need to buy them food.

Left over rottiserie chicken. To reheat them right, you have to fry or broil them. But I don’t have time for that so I just toss them in the microwave. Which means the house would smell of wet dog. Weeet doggie! Yuck

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@Microwaves Yeah, I’m a big time microwave user cuz I’m lazy, but I hate it when you heat something up for like, forty four hours, and after that the plate or bowl is hazardous to the touch, but the food inside is still frozen worse than the ice age.

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To the seven hells with microwaves.

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I used to hate microwaving Pizza because it would get all soggy and droopy, but I found the best way to reheat Pizza and make it crispy is to fry it for a small time in a pan or to use a toaster oven.

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@tom_g I have found the solution to your avocado dilemma – see PM.

When I microwave something and the container it is in melts and the food is still cold.
Or when oranges aren’t sweet. That happens a lot!

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@Michael_Huntington You stick pizza in the toaster?

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@Michael_Huntington @Symbeline @jordym84 I’m with ya on reheating inthe toater over. Only way to reheat pizza and not get rubber for crust and cold/hot spots.

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I hate it when people describe Alfredo as a pile of noodles that Someone came all over. LMFAO. Kinda loses its appeal. Lol

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@Only138 That is completely revolting, I love alfredo sauce. Let me guess, a guy came up with this description?

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The little piece of skin/shell off the popcorn that seems to get stuck between your teeth and won’t be dislodged no matter how much you floss.

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@WestRiverrat That always happens to me at the beginning of the popcorn eating for me and ruins the entire joy of it all. Our floss doesn’t help because it’s peppermint floss. Not a good combo.

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Orange juice after brushing your teeth

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OK, here I go.

The first and most annoying thing to me, personally, is if I think I’m getting something completely vegetarian, like beans, or tortillas, or rice or mushroom gravy, or cheese enchiladas, or something described as “veggie” only to find out that it contains lard, chicken broth, beef broth, gelatin, animal rennet, bacon, natural flavors (which could mean anything from basil to dead horse carcasses) carmine or chochineal (red beetles that make things look red, including fruit juice). I guess this is not really a minor problem, since it’s a deal breaker for me.

Finding out that there’s MSG in certain all natural products.

Finding out that a product that is promoted as healthy, has a 100 ingredient long list full of chemicals. Including things that I don’t even consider food, like carnauba wax.

Heating up a frozen pizza in the microwave, on one of those microwave “silver disks” and have the pizza end up tasting like chemicals (if you ditch the disk and use a toaster oven, you don’t get that problem).

Having the awesomely delicious looking picture on the cover of the microwave box of whatever, not come even close to what the actual product ultimately looks like.

Eating corn on the cobb at work or in a public place in which you are not at liberty to excuse yourself and floss your teeth.

Having your toast cook for what seems like 10 minutes, and not be anywhere near done, then adding 1 more minute to the toasting time and coming back to find your toast burned to a crisp.

Making sure you get all of the cheese up into the center of your frozen pizza, and then still finding gobs of melted cheese all over the inside of your oven (toaster or regular) in places where it’s hard to get to it to clean it.

Wishing that Spaghettios would actually taste good. I love the idea of canned spaghetti. There are plenty of great tasting canned and jarred spaghetti sauces, unfortunately not one of the brands of canned spaghetti uses those sauces.

Knowing how delicious canned nacho cheese sauce tastes. Then realizing how bad canned nacho cheese sauce is for you.

Knowing that most frozen veggie burgers and veggie bacon and veggie sausage (which are quite delicious) come in ridiculous, non-resealable packages. By the time you use the stuff the next time, even if it’s only a week later, it’s covered with ice and freezer burn.

Fresh pineapple is one of the wonders of the world. Prepping a pineapple for consumption is a big fat pain in the neck, and it’s way too expensive to justify buying it already prepared.

Knowing that making one or two baked potatoes in the oven, is not worth the energy consumption utilized to make that happen. It often takes an hour to bake 2 potatoes in a conventional oven. If you make more, they won’t taste good if you have to ultimately refrigerate them, and if you microwave the potatoes, it’s just not the same thing.

Kraft macaroni and cheese tastes fabulous when you first make it. It does not taste fabulous if you have to refrigerate and re-heat it the next day.

Finding a piece of meat in your vegetarian bean burrito, or order of French fries.

Going to a buffet and thinking that there seems to be a lot of vegetarian options, like collard greens, barbecue beans, pinto beans for burritos, veggie stir fry, pizza, sauerkraut, braised cabbage, mac and cheese, vegetable soup, broccoli cheese soup, minestrone soup, hot and sour soup, chow mein, mixed vegetables, black eyed peas, and spaghetti, only to find out that those things are crawling with fish cakes, beef stock, chicken stock, ham hocks, meat sauce, pepperoni and sausage, lobster, chunks of ham, chunks of beef, chunks of pork and lard.

Freezing bread (because it lasts much longer and doesn’t encourage mold growth like storing it in the fridge does) and then finding the slices so stuck together when you take it out of the freezer that you end up breaking off chunks, instead of slices.

Having other people put stuff in the freezer, even in nice tupperware packages or freezer bags, but neglecting to label what is in the containers, or provide a date from when those packages were frozen. Could be lentil soup from last week, or it could be beef stew from 4 years ago.

Going to a random restaurant with a group of non-vegetarians and having to endure the proverbial Buddah’s Feast (overly cooked broccoli, water chestnuts and canned mini corn in a gelatinous sauce) or a grilled eggplant sandwich (which makes me vomit a little bit in my mouth just thinking about it).

Green salads at random restaurants that come with bacon bits poured over the top.

Iceberg lettuce salads served at random restaurants with the proverbial ½ inch thick slices of cucumber, canned pickled beets and stale croutons. No broccoli, no cauliflower, no carrots, no ripe tomatoes, no feta cheese, no fresh mozzarella, no pepperoncinis, no kidney beans, no pumpkin seeds, no raw fresh beets nor microgreens.

Mealy pink tomatoes on salads at random restaurants.

Scalding hot cups of coffee served at most restaurants without an offering of ice or ice water or cream (of which you’d need at least a gallon to cool it off).

“Fresh brewed” iced tea at certain restaurants that taste like either chemicals or super-sweet fake gnarliness. Gotta hand it to Denny’s, they always have delicious fresh brewed, unsweetened tea.

Going to some type of event, like an employee luncheon, and pizza is ordered, there will usually be 5 to 10 pies ordered. Only one of them will be a vegetarian pie, but it will be covered with every single veggie item known to man (even though most of these things do NOT belong on a pizza) including tons of onions and wet, mealy tomatoes, olives and green peppers and pineapple and eggplant (always eggplant). And there will be only one cheese pizza. The cheese pizza will be devoured by the meat eaters, before the vegetarians even have a chance to get near it. The rest of the pies will all be covered with meat.

Going to any take out restaurant and ordering your whatever without onions, and then when you get home, finding out that it has onions on it.

Going to any take out restaurant and saying, “I would like a bean burrito with no onions and that will be to go.” And then having the cashier ask you if your order is for here or to go, and then putting onions on your burrito, anyway.

Having to pay extra for avocado on a veggie sandwich at Subway, even though I am NOT getting any of the meat at all.

Realizing that Sonic is disgusting. They have only one item that is “suitable” for vegetarians. A grilled cheese sandwich. Turns out that it is actually a microwaved piece of “cheese product” between 2 thick slices of soft (not grilled or fried like it’s supposed to be) sickenly sweet white bread. And their limeade is NOT limeade. It’s lemon-lime soda pop.

Things that I think are gross: marzipan, fondant, meringue, eggplant and most soda pop.

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Fucking spaghetti whiplash!!
Always on the same bloodied nostril, I could stop sucking it up so vigorously, but where’s the fun in that?

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@ucme I swirl my spaghetti on my fork and eat it in a bite rather than suck it up so there is no splatter of sauce all over myself

ucme's avatar

@ucme Yeah, that’s okay for you mature types, but i’m a confirmed childish bastard so I guess it comes with the territory.

ucme's avatar

Oh dear, addressed that to myself…..again, you’d think i’d have learned by now.

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There’s a trend among restaurant pastry chefs to create plated desserts that have to be dismantled before eating. A pleasing visual presentation is nice, but I don’t want to be faced with a bunch of obstacles between me and my dessert.

Here’s an example of what I call the raspberry-and-mint-leaf obsession. I don’t know about you, but I have zero interest in chewing a bunch of mint leaves, so I have to do some brush-clearing before I can eat. And ditto for that photogenic arc of pulled sugar; pretty, but I don’t want little spikes of pure sugar in my mouth, thanks.

We have the food press to thank for all this nonsense. I know how this goes, because I used to work in this field. Pastry chefs get a call from one of the glossy foodie publications requesting a photoshoot. They create some over-the-top thing that’ll be sure to visually dazzle, then this kind of thing becomes the standard everyone tries to emulate. The showmanship becomes the important thing.

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@thorninmud I agree. I also don’t like the trend toward savory desserts and ice creams, such as basil or bacon flavored ice cream. I like my sweets to be sweet.

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I hate it when I pour all the coffee from the espresso machine into the cup an there’s no room left for milk, since I don’t really like the taste of coffee.

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I can relate to so much of what other people have said here.

At the moment my biggest peeve is that the chefs that make the food in our cafe at work seem to be using aubergines in everything. Now, I know it is probably a cheap ingredient and packs the meal out a bit but it is a pointlessly bland and the texture is horrible. I end up picking the bits of aubergines out of my meal before I tuck in.

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@Kardamom Having the awesomely delicious looking picture on the cover of the microwave box of whatever, not come even close to what the actual product ultimately looks like.

Ha yeah, you should check out this movie, Falling Down

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When ice cream is frozen solid and you can’t scoop it out :s

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When I am cooking bacon, and the grease hits me like a 4th of July firework show, and when I am eating fresh watermelon or pineapple, and the juice runs down my chin onto my shirt.

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@Symbeline Falling down. LOL Hell yeah!

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I really hate the last piece of cereal floating around in the milk….that seems to elude your damn spoon forever…..or the last little piece of spaghetti that falls off the edge of the plate instead of allowing itself to get caught by the silverware. Little bastards anyways. :)

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@Only138 LOL yeah, bastard spaghetti and lone wolf cereal. Cereal pisses me off when it gets all soggy though. I HATE soggy cereal, it’s gross. That’s why I always eat it really fast so it doesn’t have time to get all mushy and gross. I just wolf down those little bastards.

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@Symbeline I feel the same way about cereal so I only add a little milk at a time.

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I hate how you have to be careful with the bottom of the cereal bag or you have this avalanche of crumbs and end up with a bowl of cereal mush.

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@janbb & @Symbeline Do you know about thesePLAHome%20Solutions_-202957?

Ag, the URL has punctuation in it which is screwing with me. Google cereal split milk bowls

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@6rant6 Holy crap bro, what a crazy bowl. But I think I want one…

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We never order enough pizza for me, my sister, and my parents when we get together.

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I hate it that if I wait long enough my cereal gets too soggy so I have to eat it right away. I hate soggy cereal (some people actually like soggy cereal) and I always seem to over do it on the milk.

Grapefruit juice in the eye, happens almost every time.

I agree…we shouldn’t be charged extra for avocado on our Subway sandwiches or in any food.
There are some Asian places that will charge you extra for rice when it should automatically come with the meal. If you don’t order the rice extra, then how the heck are you supposed to eat your main course? I’m not fond of just eating chicken by itself without any rice.
What annoys me to no end is going through the drive thru and the person asks you if you want any drinks or fries with that? If I wanted those things, I would’ve told you.

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