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What is a good, affordable Wireless Router?

Asked by JesusWasAJewbot (1500points) July 2nd, 2012

Last time I bought a Wireless Router I went cheap and got a refurbished Linksys E1000 off Newegg, what a waste of money that was. I can barely get a steady signal from my bedroom to my living room where my PS3 is and I have gotten tired of moving my modem around when I want to play something on PS3.

What is a good, affordable Wireless Router? Willing to spend around $40–100, but would like to stay below $100.

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I have had good luck with my NetGear RangeMax; a modestly priced b/g/n router.

Catch is, it may be your house. A friend of mine lived in a house with aluminum studs in the walls that effectively turned every room into a Faraday cage. Wifi could not work from room to room, and forget about cell coverage anywhere in that house. Have other routers wireless there?

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I bought a Belkin wireless router from Walmart for about $40. I chose the one that’s good for massive online gaming and such… apparently it works better or something? I dunno, I’m not that tech savvy. I haven’t had any problems with it.

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thank you all i just found this beauty on sale – Linksys WRT54GL. Ive always heard this is the best router for the money.

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