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What is this floor exercise called? [see details].

Asked by ETpro (34428points) July 2nd, 2012

This is done on a exercise mat on the floor. You keep your back and head on the mat, bend at the waist and support your hips with your hands, keeping your upper arms on the mat for support. With your feet thus sticking up toward the ceiling, you go through leg motions just like pedaling a bicycle. Can be done with just body resistance or with ankle weights as you build up.

What muscle groups does it target?

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Oh, it is called, oddly enough, the bicycle.

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I was just going to say what @bkcunningham said…. Great response extra lurve to you!!

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The Killer?

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@bkcunningham Muchas Gracias. Great link. That’s some killer form.

@creative1 Thanks.

@ZEPHYRA I’m still feeling the first go at it. You got that right.

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We used to do it in phys ed. The coach called it the bicycle,

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As described, Glutes and hamstring most. Do it from the crunch position and you will get lots of ab and oblique action , plus hip flexors and quads.

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@josie Outstanding. That’s what I want to target. Not so easy to do at home without a compliment of exercise machines.

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