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Buddha vs Zeus... who would win in a fight?

Asked by mowens (8379points) July 3rd, 2012

Who would win in a fight and why? My money is on Zeus personally. He can smote with lightning. What is another mythical matchup you would be curious to know the odds on?

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I’d have to go with Zeus on that one.

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@WillWorkForChocolate Buddha has some weight to him though!

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Zeus. I mean, Buddha could reach Nirvana beforehand, thus ensuring that his death would stick this time, but he doesn’t really have any killing powers.

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Buddha. He would just use mind games and convince Zeus to have dinner with him, having him leave home enlightened after a good chat.

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@Blackberry A POISONED dinner?

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@mowens Well yes, but Buddha is so much nicer than Zeus…

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@mowens Nope, there would be no fight because they are both now enlightened.

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@Blackberry THIS IS A DEATHMATCH!!! Someone has to die!

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@mowens Well, what about if Buddha and Zeus had a lovely dinner together, then decided that they should off Aphrodite in a joint effort. I mean, Aphrodite is just a trouble maker… :D

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Zeus would win the battle but the fight is endless since Buddha would keep reincarnating and Zeus as a myth is also eternal and while he waits for his opponent’s next reincarnated form such as a beetle or a rhinoceros or a black American president, Zeus would transform into all sorts of different animals like a cow or Rush Limbaugh and would attempt to impregnate clueless mortal women.

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How about Medusa versus St Francis of Assisi? He’d play havoc with her hairstyle and no mistake!

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I would have to go with Medusa on that one. She would turn him in to stone!!!

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I’m not convinced that Zeus would kill the Buddha if he met him.
On the other hand, Zeus was not known for sticking to a diet of nettles, now was he? :-p

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Hercules and Superman!!!!!!

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“The only winning move is not to play.”

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@ZEPHYRA Does Hercules know about Kryponite?

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@6rant6 Greetigns Professor Falken.

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Well, let’s look at the record:

I see that Zeus once mixed it up with a monster named Typhon, who ended up tearing all of Zeus’ tendons out. It was only because Hermes recovered the tendons and got them back to Zeus that Zeus finally managed to trap Typhon under a volcano. Okaaaaay….

Meanwhile the Buddha has crazy pacifying skills. He was once attacked by all of the forces of evil at once, and just sat there. All of their weapons turned to flowers. He was once attacked by an enraged, drunken war elephant, and the elephant turned docile as a puppy. Unconventional, but effective.

Gotta say, the Buddha’s got the edge.

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The Buddha was a regular guy. Zeus is a god. No question about that one.

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@josie: Really depends what type of Buddhist you ask about that, haha.

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I mean Xena would win against either Buddha or Zeus.

But actually, it would be interesting to see her fight against Conan the Barbarian…neither of them are gods (...well…Xena may be a demi god) but both have the skills to destroy gods. Conan has. Xena probably could. (I don’t immediately recall if she ever defeated an actual god, but she’s defeated things that are up to that status)

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I can’t believe it’s not Buddha!

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I just snorted soda out of my nose!

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Xena is that bad ass?

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Zeus would win because Buddha was a pacifist and he wasn’t a god.

How about Thor vs Vulcan? That would be one hell of a thunderstorm.

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@downtide Thor would win that one as Vulcan is no warrior.

Now a batlle I’d like to see would be Tartarus vs. Gaia

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@downtide My money’s on Thor.

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The Buddha would not fight. :)

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I want to see a fight between Chuck Norris and Himself.

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I would go for Zeus, Buddha would try to talk himself out of a fight. Zeus was a god who liked to kick ass…

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