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Were you a cute kid?

Asked by DigitalBlue (7072points) July 4th, 2012

I always think that everyone was a cute kid… but I really wasn’t. There was no “awkward phase.” I was an ugly kid for most of my childhood, and growing up in the 80s did not help with the ridiculous fashion and hairstyles… they really only emphasized what a goofy looking child I was.
I was cute until I was like 2, and it all went downhill from there until I was a teenager.

Were you cute? Did you have an awkward phase that you are ashamed of, or were you consistently adorable? At what age do you look back at photos of yourself and just say “awww?”

Feel free to include pics. :)

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I as very cute as a little girl and very awkward and gawky as a young teen.


And this

Oddly, I can’t seem to find any pix of me during the awkward phase.

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@gailcalled I think you were adorable in both photos.

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Ugly baby
Awkwardly cute kid (I had super messed up teeth, and a crooked smile)
Fairly pretty teenager

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@augustlan: Forgive me for laughing at your baby picture. You look like one of the supreme court judges. You were a lovely teen.

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Like you, I was very cute at 2 and 3. Then my curly blond hair changed to straight and brown. When my adult teeth grew in, they were very large and somewhat protuberant. It took a while for my head to grow up to them. My brown hair was in braids and the hair on the top of my head was frizzy. I would say that I was not a particularly attractive as a kid. I wasn’t happy with my looks until I went away for college. Haven’t had any complaints since.

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I was average when I was little. Looked pretty good through my teen years I think, but not cute. I don’t think cute fits me. My sister was the adorable little girl.

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Yeah, I was kind of adorbs, not gonna lie. I was really small as a kid, so that was part of the appeal. I was even cute when I had that stupid bowl cut. >.< I don’t remember having an awkward phase other than when I decided to have my hair a little longer in 8th grade (bad idea).

These are photos that would make me go “d’awww” :P

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@gailcalled not only adorable, but with filmstar quality!

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@augustlan gorgeous all along!

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@DominicX you are another one that should have gone in for a Hollywood casting! I can imagine that cute face on a family sitcom!

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I was a cute kid – even if you take into account the national health specs I had to wear from five. Apparently it made women want to ‘aww’ over me. All good at five. I did have some awful haircuts. As a teen I was awkward and uncomfortable with myself.

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Yep, I’m pretty sure I was a cute little kid. I was very small with short black hair and big dark South Asian eyes.
People always thought I was a ‘boy’ when I was little, too.
I don’t really like thinking about what I looked like when I was growing up, though, because I was expected to be a ‘girl.’

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I was the kind of kid only a mother could love. As a baby, I had a noticeable deformity (I’m blind in one eye and I have a noticeably-asymmetrical face). By the age of about 3 or 4 I’d become really skinny to the point that my mum once took me to the doctor because she feared I was malnourished. I stayed that way til I was around 40. I was clumsy and nerdy all through school. Because my parents were very poor, I wore a lot of old-fashioned/worn hand-me-down clothes; the only new clothes I ever had were underwear and school uniform.

So, no. I was about as far from cute as it’s possible to get, and I purposefully don’t own any photos.

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I was adorable then, and I’m adorable (looking) now. As a teen I was a walking disaster.

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I don’t know. Is this cute?!?!?

I was fairly pretty up until my teenage years but during secondary school (12–16 years) I went from pretty to awkward and quite unnattractive.

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Things were good until about 6th grade. Then it was all awkward ickiness until my senior year of high school. Then it was just boring. But yes, I was a cute little kid.

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Yes. I was blessed with a pretty face, just like my Mom.

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Here’s my little 3 yr. old face in my avatar…..yep, I still have “that look” when someone is forcing me to pose for a picture. Notice the furrowed brow. lol Okay… guys get one hour of my baby face then back to my goose who is waay cuter than I am.
P.S. Dig the “egghead” look of my 60’s hairdo, thanks mom. :-p

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@Coloma bless your cute little face!!!!

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@Coloma: pretty darn cute :-p

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@Coloma: You are adorable;

I just found this of me, about 6 years old (note the attractive socks and brown oxfords…my mother thought that sneakers ruined your feet) with the original Ben Finkel and King, one of his many great Danes, known as the gentle giant.

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Yeah, we were all cute once. Look what has happened since then…

If time has this effect on everyone I’m surprised the government hasn’t tried to regulate it as a toxin yet.

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I guess. Aren’t all kids cute? :D

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Okay…a quickie ” then & now” moment. I put my face up once in awhile for a few days, I like to “see” others faces, get the visuals from those that aren’t shy. I still resemble my inner child, and she’s still a handful, even for me. lol

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@gailcalled Awww… the dogs and the Oxfords! haha

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@CWOTUS Yeah, you look like you need a shave and going a little gray around the muzzle ey? Well, a touch of gray, kinda suits you anyway…Grateful Dead

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I’m going to scan my first grade class photo. You’re almost guaranteed to swoon and “awww”, just before you shake your head and think, “How did such a cute kid grow up to be such a schmuck?” A question I ask myself from time to time when I get reflective. And self-destructive.

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Me as a baby (in red) I think my sister and I were having a raspberry-blowing contest.

As a teen (There was cake in that fridge. I had to use my superpowers to defend it.)

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I was a hot mess with a candy addiction.

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Let the swooning begin.

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@CWOTUS Awwww…. :-)

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