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I'm joining a gym. What do I need to know?

Asked by serenityNOW (3631points) July 5th, 2012 from iPhone

I’ve never been to a gym. I’m going to check one out after work, today. (Gold’s Gym, if anyone knows of them.). I’m looking for a decent price – what’s the normal range? I’m also looking for some basic instruction. Jellies?

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What part of the marble to you live on?

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Do NOT sign a long term contract. Go month to month. DON’T be a sucker.

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The first time I went to a gym I thought the machines started from just pressing a button. Stupid me, sometimes you need to start doing the activity to get it to turn on. Also i’d ask for a tour of the place on your first day, employees can also show you how to work specific machines.

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They should give you a free trial day or week. Make sure you like the facility. Make sure you can easily use the machines you like at the time of day you will be at the gym.

Some gyms do not have month to month memberships, all I can say is never sign more than a year contract and make sure you can cancel the contract if you move out of town. You can also ask if they suspend the contract if you will be traveling. Most don’t suspend contracts unless it is for medical reasons.

If you are going to take classes like zumba, make sure the schedules fit your needs.

I recommend not signing up immedediately if it is a private gym. They are like car salesmen in gyms, it is disgusting. As you walk out you might get a better deal, or a follow up eamil with a better deal. If it is a gym run by the city, then probably there is not any hidden prices, discounts, or other garbage.

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Also, you might check to see if there is a YMCA gym in your area and check it out. I went to a Nautilus and they had a lot of extras that I wasn’t going to use such as the pool and raquet ball and tennis courts. They gave a different membership price according to what you would be using.
So I would go to the gym you are interested in, take a tour, ask for a trial run and if someone would walk you through the machines at least for the first week.
In the gyms here you have to pay a 50.00 start up fee and then 45.00 a month for a single person, more for families. So be sure the gym you join is the one you will stick with. You don’t want to keep paying a 50.00 start up fee.

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Visit at the time of day when you will most likely work out. I signed up for a gym once in the evening, but went to work out in late afternoon and the machines and lift stations were always crowded with time limits and sign up lists.

Check for cleanliness too.

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See whether there is a session or two for free with the trainer as an incentive. Be honest with yourself about your stick-to-it-ness. I strongly endorse a trial month also.

I used to use our little gym regularly, but as time passed I found I hated the sweat, the noise, the many TV’s on loud, the queues, and the general rumpus. So I bought a high-quality treadmill and a floor mat and some hand weights.

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I second @chyna for joining the local YMCA. Our local Y has coaches and for a little extra per month, a one-on-one trainer.

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I was a member of Gold’s a long time ago in high school, so I don’t remember much about it now. But, as a gym frequenter, go and check it out. Get a tour. Most gyms also give you one free 30 – 45 minutes session with a trainer. Take advantage of that and you’ll get to know some new things and won’t look so dopey when you get into a machine and don’t know how to use it. As far as price, it all depends on where you live. Many have a initiation fee, but many times throughout the year, they waive it as part of a promotion. Check to see if one is coming up soon that you can take advantage of. I will tell you this, and do with this information what you will, I have found that of the 3 gyms I have belonged to, I liked Gold’s the least. They had a big “juice head” population, and that created a less than stellar atmosphere for those people aren’t body builders. Yours may be different, who knows.

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Negotiate! Another vote for local Y.

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Looove the YMCA! Ask about financial aid for your monthly fees if that might apply to you.

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Don’t hurt yourself.

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Yeah – thanks for the feedback! I think I’ll check out the Y.

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Don’t be afraid of muscle pain you may come across after a couple of days. It will last for a week.

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