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Has anyone ever in their life seen this in person or on tv?

Asked by Aster (18231points) July 5th, 2012

Have you ever once seen or heard of a WOMAN being thrown out of bar onto the ground? TV or real life?

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The father of my best friend since kindergarten (a huge norwegian bodybuilder/system analyst who also kicked ass at tekken) used to work as a bouncer, and he tossed a woman out the door once.

She got in a fight with another girl, managed to drop her to the ground and was about to kick her face in when he grabbed her and threw her out. Problem is he misjudged the weight and ended up sending her crashing against the side of one of the cars in the parking lot, about 3 meters away.

The boyfirend tried to start shit, realized there was no contest, and left.

True story.

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I used to joke that the bars that I went to would check you at the door for weapons, and if you didn’t have one they would give you one. But that was just a joke.

I don’t go to the kind of places where people get thrown out as a rule. In fact, I don’t think that I’ve ever seen anything worse than a bartender telling a patron that he was cut off, and hearing some oral back-and-forth as a result before the person walked (or shambled, stumbled or tripped) out on his own.

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In Yonkers NY, one of the police officers threw a woman onto the ground inside the bar. True story. Woman was on video and she got some money for it, due to that fact. I think her sister was in the process of getting arrested, and getting roughed up, and she tried to intervene. Cop picked her up and body slammed her right into the ground. Can anybody say “police brutality?”

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Yes, once. She was very drunk, and was thrown out for taking off her knickers (which she’d already pissed on and soaked) and throwing them at one of the bar-staff. He took great delight in physically hauling her out the door, where she promptly ended up on her ass on the pavement because she was too drunk to stand up.

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Many years ago, for a friend’s bachelorette party, we did a bar crawl in Washington, DC (a limo drove us from bar to bar). At one of the bars we visited, one very drunk girl in our party caused a bunch of trouble, trying to force everyone she encountered to drink peppermint schnapps out of a penis-shaped squirt gun. She got in a fight because of it, and we all got kicked out. She was the only one manhandled out the door, but managed barely to stay on her feet.

I also know a woman who was kicked out of a bar/restaurant at her own wedding reception. She broke a big glass beer mug over some dude’s head, because the guy was trying to fight her husband. I don’t know whether she landed on the ground, though.

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I don;‘t know any personally, but I am all in favor of it. If a woman is a sloppy and ugly drunk, then she ought to be dumped on the pavement just like a guy.

Equal rights for women!

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Nobody should be “dumped on the pavement like a guy.” Even guys. I think sometimes bouncers take advantage knowing the person is drunk and not likely to remember or not likely to be a credible witness if it ever went to court.

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