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What if someone links to my website but I don't want them to?

Asked by fonziguy (20points) May 31st, 2008

If someone links to my website, but I don’t want them to, do they have an obligation to remove the link if I contact them?

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Nope. Any reasonable person probably would, but there’s no obligation. Just ask nicely :)

(Anyway… Why don’t you want your website linked to?)

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Thanks Vincentt, just a hypothetical question for some T&C I’m putting together

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That’s the Internet, baby!

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There was a test case on this a few years ago. A content-holder wanted to control who linked them by asserting their copyrights. I don’t believe they were able to prevent linking altogether, but there was some case law asserted that made a distinction between “linking” and “deep linking” (ie. linking directly to a page other than the home page on another site). I don’t recall how it worked out, but Groklaw had some info on it, and a Google for “deep linking” might be useful.

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That’s just the way it works unfortunately I normally will shoot them an email asking if its okay to link to them. Most people have an image and a link to me with this address

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no such thing,

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