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My partner kissed me while I was still asleep as he left for work this morning.

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I kissed the forehead of someone who was heartbroken this morning.

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I kissed my daughters today!!

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Not yet.

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No but I am smitten with a certain young man that I work with, and since it’s mutual, maybe I’ll use this as an excuse to give him a kiss on the cheek when he gets to work today :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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My husband and I kissed this morning.—Deanna Durbin and Frank Sinartra…ahh…both so kissable. But my husband’s kisses are the best. xxxooo

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Yep, my cats, my geese and the neighbors horse. Oooh horse lips! lol

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Kissed my wife good bye this morning.

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I’m going to use this to my advantage tonight. Thanks ;)

Oh shit. ‘Kiss’ and ‘fuck’ are the same word in French.

Double thanks.

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“Baisse toi,” eh?

bookish1's avatar

@wundayatta : Well, “fuck you” is more “va t’enculer” (literally “go get fucked in the ass”).
Where it gets tricky is… “un baiser” is the noun form of “a kiss”. But “baiser” is the verbal equivalent of “fuck.” So “je veux te baiser” means “I want to fuck you,” rather than “I want to kiss you.”
According to someone wise on, this all goes back to the decadent courtly word games in the court of Louis XIV. “Baiser” originally means “kiss,” and these foppish courtiers thought it would be cute to use the word “kiss” as a euphemism for “fuck.” And that is how it still used.
I just try to avoid using the word entirely, haha.

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Not yet, been by myself so far today.

harple's avatar

Same as @zenvelo… x

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@harple Just gave you a GA smack.and I don’t even know your gender!

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You people who haven’t been kissed yet today got me thinking about people who haven’t been kissed in like, days or weeks or maybe even months are years. How sad. Kisses to you all xxxx I wonder if that is how porn came to be represented by x’s. Because of the xxx for kisses in xxxooo. Hugs and kisses.

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Does a whisker tickle count?

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It does to in my book, @gailcalled.

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Milo here; I was speaking for myself and not Gail. She needs to get out those tweezers more often.

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No, not today. It’s been over a year and a half.

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Yes, this morning. Kissed my husband goodbye. I’ll get one more for goodnight. Rationing sucks.

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My daughter is arriving this evening for a long visit, so I will get to kiss her for the next ten days. (Gail here.)

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Too funny, @Milo. You are hilarious.—Is that last remark, you @milo or @gailcalled.”

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Puckerin’ up and chasing people….

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lots of lurve on this question!

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Wwhhhhhaaattttt, @chyna?

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Yep. I’ve kissed my son, my cats, my dogs & the nearly featherless spatzie I’m currently raising. Kissing is commonplace here! :)

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Kissed the wife, several times & my daughter, my son got a big “man” hug & a round of high-fives.

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Muah, back at you, @rebbel.

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does kissing ass count?

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@fremen_warrior a kiss is a kiss no matter where you give it

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Mr. augustlan walked by and kissed me just before I opened this question. :)

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Yes, I kissed my sleepyhead husband as I left for work this morning.

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I kissed my daughters again when they came home tonight…. and my puppy loves to kiss all the time, I can’t count how many puppy kisses I have had today

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Well, it’s tomorrow where I am, but I just had a wonderful unexpected kiss. Thanks again for the inspiration. ;)

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It is tomorrow here too and I have kissed my lovely husband a few times and my beautiful daughter once. My dog kissed me too…

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I kissed my cat multiple times today : )

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Forgot about this, didn’t kiss anyone. Still haven’t. Boo. Honk.

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@deni kissing your pet, a friend on the cheek or even you mom counts. I would even count kissing someone butt

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nope..but open for offers…

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@pezz: I’m happy to oblige if you like kissing boys, haha.

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