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I don’t know but you might need it to help with your English.

Seriously though, that’s a good question. I’m convinced from the ads that it is a very good program. I would like to hear from people that have used it.

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learn the language well so you can talk good.

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I answered one of those above (thanks, Kevbo) a while back about learning Russian. It has been a few months, and I am still very pleased with it. I remember everything I have learned, which is awesome. If you do consider getting a program like Rosetta Stone, be sure to have a really good translator dictionary at your side while you do the lessons. Rosetta Stone does not have anything in English (no directions, translations or help), so you will need to be able to translate a few words here and there. But, I really do recommend Rosetta Stone to anyone who wants to learn a language.

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rosetta stone does not help and is not capable of teaching to people with a busy lifestyle, its lessons are very complicated and the translations aren’t that accurate and helpful

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I normally find that it’s a matter of commitment. Learning a new language is never easy, and for the people looking for a quick-fix, they are often disappointed because they’re never going to be able to find one. On the other hand, people who are serious and inclined towards working a little harder often find success no matter what method they chose because they put the time in.

From what I hear, Rosetta is a good program because it uses immersion which is one of the better ways to learn a language if you’re going to be traveling to a place that speaks that language.

BTW, the best advice I ever got about learning a foreign language- have a glass of wine (or a beer). It’ll help loosen you up, which is a big stumbling block for a lot of people. Good luck

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It has worked very well for

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@ blakemasnor Please tell me who it worked very well for. The suspense is kill me.

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@simone54 oops, I suppose I forgot or it cut me off. The rest: me.

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They say it takes seven years to really learn a foreign language.

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@simone54, you are awesome.

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there are alot of free stuff on the web that are reliable.

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