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Which is the best outsourced personal assistance firm?

Asked by evoterra (8points) June 29th, 2007

I'm looking for a virtual personal assistant. I've heard that the oversees market -- particularly India -- is exploding with very smart and resourceful people. I could use one of those and am looking for recommendations on firms others have used to find such a person.

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I don't know about overseas, but my wife does real & virtual personal assistant work in the SF Bay Area -- =)

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how are the fees presented for a virtual assistant?

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Since I work for multiple people, I just charge them by the hour for whatever work they give me. Some lucky people have a full-time virtual assistant, who often works on a flat monthly fee or salary basis. I'm not sure how the big outsouring VA firms in India do their pricing, but it's probably closer to the hourly model...

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