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A tip for kneading, please?

Asked by laurenkem (3398points) July 7th, 2012

This seems like a silly question, but I have major issues when it comes to actually baking instead of just cooking. If a recipe indicates that I should knead the dough 10 times, does that mean that I count:

1 (¼ turn the dough), 2 (¼ turn the dough), etc? Or is a completely different premise? In other words, what constitutes one “knead” of the dough? Thanks for your help!

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Each cycle (or “knead”, as you say) involves pushing the dough out with the heel of the hand, then folding it back onto itself, then doing the ¼ turn.

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To reward good service? No, wait, that’s A need for tipping. Sorry, I know nothing of baking but kneading dough is a commonly used metaphor for the mathematics of chaos in non-linear dynamic systems, where points in phase space are continually brought together from far-away locations.

By backward inference I’d conclude that proper kneading requires repeated cycles of folding the dough by bringing edges together toward the middle & stretching.

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@thorninmud is right. As usual. ;-)

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@gasman Wow, snark much? Pretty amused with yourself right now? Good.

Thanks to @thorninmud for providing a true answer to a simple question.

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@gasman You win the Johannes Kepler award for Intuitive Application of Mathematics. You have managed to correctly solve a problem that lay completely outside your fields of knowledge just by knowing which of the many maths was kneaded to solve it.

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Just ask any cat, they are all lifelong experts at kneading—learned it as kittens :)

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@laurenkem Offered to lighten the mood, not just be the obnoxious guy derailing people’s questions with a spittle lunarism – er, a little spoonerism now and then. Can we settle for half-snarky? @ETpro As my test scores show, sometimes I can be a good guesser.

Seriously, please explain what is meant by a ¼ turn?

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@gasman ¼ turn = 90 degrees

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