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Can/should I wear my glasses white water rafting?

Asked by deni (23054points) July 7th, 2012

Fuck, I just thought of this. I am going white water rafting in the morning (grade 3 or 4 I believe) and am concerned about my glasses. I wear them all the time, and they were also expensive. Should I worry about them getting knocked off, is there any chance of that? I have never been rafting so I don’t know how rough things will be. Also if they will be covered in water the whole time, that would probably be annoying too. I have contacts, but they are old and absolutely kill my eyes anyhow regardless, so I don’t want to wear them unless I KNOW I should.

Just tell me it’ll be fine in glasses….no but really, will it? The only perk of contacts is that I could wear sunglasses. But my vision will be blurry all day, and my eyes will get sore….:\

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Get one of those straps that will keep your glasses on your head.

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Do you have enough time before your trip to get a cheap pair. I have some cheap ones (under a 100 at the mall) I wear them I skateboard. They are ugly but I am not out 300 bucks if I fall on my face.

And you might want to look into something like this to wear over your glasses.

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It is very likely your glasses will get knocked off. Find a way to prevent that . . . goggles? Ask the rafting company what they suggest. You won’t be the first one to ask that.

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If your vision isn’t too bad without them, I’d suggest going without.

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@Nullo It is bad enough that it would be hard for me to enjoy all the beauty around me without wearing them. I definitely need either them or contacts, but am really trying to avoid killing my eyes with contacts because it’s inevitable.

@johnpowell Unfortunately I have no time before hand cause we are leaving at 5 AM and the trip departs at 10 AM.

I think I have a pair of croakies somewhere…

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At grade 3 or 4 they will more than likely get wet and it is possible they might fall off. If you don’t want to lose them I’d go with the contacts.

Hope you have a good time @deni. What river are you rafting?

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When I was younger and wore glasses, I did go white water rafting with them on, and everything was fine. I just bought this little strap thing to put on them. Not the necklace kind, but the sturdy kind that you cram the tips of the earpieces into.

If you’re that concerned about losing them, I would suggest wearing your contacts.

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As @Sunny2 might be suggesting, you could wear your regular glasses under a pair of protective goggles.

I’ve you’ve ever gone skiing or diving, perhaps you already have a pair.

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As dabbler and Chocolate said, glasses straps are really useful for this. I put them on my expensive prescription glasses whenever I go on the water, white or flat. You can get them at many convenience stores or failing that, Target/Walmart/etc.

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I wear glasses all the time, but have contact lenses for more strenuous activities or for when I’ll be in the sun for a while and need to wear shades. An ex of mine lost his sunglasses while we were tubing on the river – just drifting along – and the risk is much greater for something more challenging like whitewater rafting.

So my advice is to wear contacts and sunglasses with a cord on them to prevent losing those. Pack a bottle or eye drops to help you get through the day, and tomorrow, start the process of getting new/replacement contacts for such occasions.

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I think what you need is a pair of safety/sports goggles (maybe tinted because it will be bright on the river) that fit securely over your regular glasses. You can order them online, or you might be able to get a pair at a sporting goods store.

Check this Site and scroll down to where it says prescription lenses. This site says that they can make prescription goggles, as opposed to wearing your glasses under goggles.

This Page also shows some goggles specifically for water sports that can be purchased with a prescription added.

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So, how was the trip?

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Guys, I am quite happy I thought to ask this question. Luckily I found a pair of Croakies in my desk just a few days back….unfortunately the tips of my glasses were too wide to fit into them, but my last pair of glasses (from less than 6 months ago) did so I just wore them. It was totally fine. And boy I’m glad I did wear old ones and the croakies, because I fell out of the raft twice!!!!!! It was intense and one of the scariest moments of my life especially the first time because the current was so strong I was just rolling over the rocks and fuck does my back hurt today, I have bruises and my knee is black and blue in a few spots and sore all over. Then I fell out a second time when we were cruising along around 40 MPH, I went flying and tumbling yet again. What’s funny is that I left my croakies at the first place we had lunch, after my first ejection, and had to borrow someone elses for the remainder of the rafting. So I narrowly escaped losing my glasses twice. But shit, it was awesome. @jonsblond It was the Arkansas River near Buena Vista, CO :) :)

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@deni: I’m glad that you and your glasses survived intact!

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@deni That is the same spot my husband and I went river rafting three years ago. We went with AVA. We camped in Granite. Best time of my life. Glad you had a good time!

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@jonsblond That entire vast valley near Salida and Buena Vista is just outta this world!!

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