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Does the borax and sugar combination really work for killing roaches?

Asked by Blackberry (30929points) July 8th, 2012

I officially have a roach problem. I want them dead at all costs. I was ok with them in my kitchen and bathroom, but once you’re literally on my bed? Fuck you.

I’ve sprayed everywhere, but they always come back. I’ll probably just pay a pro, but I want the satisfaction of killing them as well.

What is the best method?

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Yes, the borax really works. There is a product called Max Attrax that contains boric acid, and it works great. No need to use sugar.

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I would highly suggest calling an exterminator to rid you of the pests that way they can make sure they are gone and gone for good. They have access to poisons and the like that we aren’t able to buy in stores that are made to get rid of pests.

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Twenty Mule Team Borax will work. I would not put sugar with it though. That is just asking for trouble with ants. Sprinkle the powered bleach product under/behind the refrigerator, under/behind the oven, put it under your sinks, under the sofa, on the floors along the walls of your closets as well as other places- anywhere you can put it that you won’t be walking through it and making a mess.

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I would second @creative1‘s idea about hiring an exterminator. They do have chemicals in strengths that are not available in stores. When I was a kid, we had roaches once and we used a bomb, which was effective. We had to leave the house, and wash all the dishes and everything in the kitchen.

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I found this pretty quick when I googled. It looks like some pretty good tips and advice.

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The best way to rid yourself of a roach infestation is an exterminator.

One, they will find the nest. Two, exterminators use exterminator strength poison.

With roaches, the best way to eliminate them all is to have them all feed on a tasty poison food which the exterminator will inject into the crevices of the area they are currently eating in.

With the new poison foods, you only have to keep vacuuming the dead, and wash surfaces. You no longer need to find another place to stay for a night or two (like those bomb type killers). Also, with the food, you get any babies that were left behind after the first or second wave of dead roaches.

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How much do exterminators usually cost?

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Shouldn’t exterminator services be provided by the landlord?

If I remember correctly, didn’t you recently move into this place (the Q you asked about spaghetti water) it’s hghly unlikely you brought them with you.

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Yeah, you’re right. They should pay for it, but I was curious.

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“I was ok with them in my kitchen and bathroom” Weirdo.

I’m throwing in another vote for the pros. Fortunately, we’ve never had roaches, but any time I’ve tried pest control at home…. we ultimately end up needing to call an exterminator, anyhow.

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Just weighing in again- in the past few years, I’ve had fleas in my home twice. Actually, fleas are what brought me to Fluther, four years ago. I was googling how to get rid of them and came upon Fluther. Anyway, the first time I tried “over the counter” stuff, sprays, powders, flea dips for the cats, a bomb, and nothing worked. Lots of money spent, lots of energy and time spent, and nothing worked. Then I hired an exterminator and voila! Gone! The second time, which was last summer, I didn’t even bother with the over the counter stuff. I just called a pro. I knew from last time that anything else is a waste of time and money.

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@Blackberry Same problem here! Haven’t seen them on the bed yet but saw one squirreling on my keyboard last week. I have a suspicion it opened a profile here in Fluther. Darn roaches!

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