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What makes you paranoid?

Asked by Dutchess_III (45314points) July 8th, 2012

I will not walk in front of cars that are pulling up to the curb at convenience stores because I’m afraid someone will hit the gas instead of the brake. I’ve refused to since my kids were small. Don’t remember what prompted this fear but you walk into any convenience store and ask if a car has ever crashed into the building and chances are they’ll say “Yes.”

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This type of question… is there something I should be paranoid about?

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What? ^^^^

I have to tell a side story here! I found some picket fence panels for sale in some one’s front yard. I thought a friend would be interested in them. She was, and she called the number on the sign. She talked with the woman selling the fencing for a while. She wanted way too much so Cathy said she’d think about it.
A minute later the lady calls back and says, “My telephone is indicating to me that our conversation was recorded, and I don’t appreciate my conversations being secretly recorded!”
Cathy was at a total loss. She explained that she was on her cell phone and as far as she knew it didn’t have recording capabilities! And also, how did would her (the lady’s) phone know if it was being recorded. The lady wasn’t listening to reason and was REALLY upset though, and threatend to call the police!
Well, the lady calls back a minute later to apologize. She realized she’d answered the phone after her answering machine had picked up, and it was her answering machine that had recorded the call!

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Women that seem too good to be true.

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I’m about as far from paranoid as they come, my daughter harasses me mercilessly about leaving my keys in the car, not locking my house, car. I’m a very nonchalant type, paranoia is not in my make up at all. I took off on my own in asia a few years ago, hit the night markets, partied with an ex pat. and a Taiwanese cab driver…my friends were appalled at my free spiritedness. Meh…I’m not completely unaware or oblivious I just don’t anticipate negative things happening. So far so good, I travel in grace, yes I do. lol

I’m a risk taking type, infact, I just came in from gambling that I could water my yard in my bra and skirt on this sweltering mid day over here. But, I do have my hiding tree and can hear anyone coming down the road from 500 yards away. lol

Live on the edge, and if the old geezer down the road gets a thrill from my lavender bra, well…yay for him! hahaha

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@Blackberry I couldn’t help but chuckle after reading that :D

As for my paranoia triggers, what makes me go to DEFCON 2 and beyond are coincidences. If too many things (more than two) line up, and point in a more or less uniform direction, I put the jets on standby alert and start restocking on ammo and tinfoil. For reasons unknown to me I’m very suspicious of coincidences.

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Life. I’m a very anxious person.

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People who wear aluminum foil make me very paranoid.

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Hey, I worked at a newspaper and we’d get a letter from someone who subscribed by mail. They lived somewhere in Kentucky. About every three months, they’d send us a letter telling us to stop their subscription because they were being watched by the government and their mail was being tracked and read. Like clockwork, in about three months, we’d get a letter telling us to start the subscription back. Paranoid.

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@bkcunningham I’m wearing foil right now! How are you feeling?

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When my grandson was about 4 he and his mom walked by a hair salon. A lady was out side smoking. She had foil in her hair for whatever procedure salons use foil for. As they walked by my grandson yelled, “Hey lady! Do you know you have trash in your hair??”

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The voices in my head – especially the one that sounds like James Earl Jones!

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Oh @Ponderer983…that one IS scary, isn’t it!

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Oh oh…I see chem trails.

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Oh oh…I see…I forget. But it was SCARY!

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I’m feeling fine. Thank you, @Dutchess_III. I love that. “Hey, Lady. You have trash in your hair.” LOL

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Walking any distance of more than 20 feet to my car after dark, especially if I have taken my children to see a movie and we have to walk back in the dark. I take the safety off my pepper spray and conceal it in my hand, just in case. I feel safer since I started doing that.

Pretty much anything involving my children and walking after dark, walking in big crowds, etc…

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Yeah. My paranoia of walking in front of parking cars started when my kids were little, @WillWorkForChocolate.

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I guess I AM a little paranoid about rattlesnakes right now, a population boom this year and my cat and a friends grandmother were both bitten last week. I guess I just have to make sure I am in Margaritaville when I blow out my flip flop on a Pacific Diamondback. lol

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OMG, a grandmother? Is she okay? How is your kitty, @Coloma?

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Doctors. In my area they have been absorbed by the medical centers. Not many out there with their own practice now. And I may be paranoid when all they do is refer their hospital’s services to the point that they appear to me to be corporatists more than doctors. They have hospital account records in their files as well as their own visit schedule i pay cash for. It appears to me (paranoid me) that these docs are under a lot of pressure to rake in money for the hospital by possibly over referring patients to the services they offer. Here’s just one example: My GP wanted to order some blood work…right downstairs in their lab. It’s about $350.00 with them if I self pay. Apparently card holders are charged more. There is an independent lab in the same town, does the same thing for a 100 bucks less. My doc says it will put an additional hardship on his staff to use an outsourced lab? WTF? This outside lab told me that is bullshit. They fax the outcomes right to his office and the findings/ forms are close to what the hosp. uses so there’s no extra hardship at all…he just wants everything inhouse. So I don’t have health ins. and that means I read shit closer instead of blindly following the guy in front of me. I can’t afford that, I’m a working man.

I just get an uncomfortable feeling every time this guy opens his mouth. Is he looking out for me or his hospital’s bottom line? How can anyone not wonder?

Anyway, I got with another doc who has a clinic and his own practice in another town -see if that makes me less paranoid.

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@bkcunningham Yes, she is okay, but very painful and illness prducing. Gardening and put her hand right on a big rattler, pow, fangs in an instant. My kitty is doing great, day 7, alls well!

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Fire. Candles that are not down in glass holders, curling irons left on, anything that could start a fire. I won’t leave something on or burning if I am not in the room. Well, I might leave for a short time. I won’t cook in a crockpot when I am away from the house.

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Aches and pains, each new one is always gonna be the one that finally kills me.

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Oh, and getting sick; more specifically, germs that can make me sick.

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I’m with you on the fire thing. But like what kind of “germs” that can make you sick are you afraid of @JLeslie?

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@Dutchess_III If I know someone is sick I want them to stay the f&$k away from me. And, stomach illness really freaks me out, so in the kitchen I worry about chicken being cooked through, and cross contamination from raw meat to foods that are not cooked, stuff like that.

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Oh I know what REALLY makes me paranoid, hearing Coyotes making their killing whoops when I can’t find my cats. Right now we are all safely on the deck while the wild ones scream and howl.

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@Coloma We hear them back in our woods behind our house, freaks me out. My neighbors cat dissappeared one day never to return. We all feared the coyotes.

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@JLeslie Yes, they have to eat too, but jeez, not my cat please. Don’t they remind you of Hyenas, they make similar sounds.

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@Coloma Yes, it’s awful. We don’t hear it often thank goodness.

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Lots of things…anything that has to do with my kids.

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I’m always paranoid that I’ve left the ATM before my transaction is completely closed. Like, when you go to get money, the ATM will ask you IS THAT ALL? Or it’ll ask you if you want a receipt. And I’m always worried I left it on one of those menus. Because sometimes an ad pops up on the screen that you have to skip before you can tell the ATM that you’re done and you don’t want to do any more shit. And even then, sometimes ATMs will be like ARE YOU DOUBLE SURE? And if I’ve left by then some asshole could waltz up, guess my pin, and have at my mini-fortune!

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Horror movies and my imagination.

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Having a miscarriage made me really paranoid with this pregnancy.
I was much more relaxed with my first pregnancy.

The Internet seems to compound my paranoia.
A bit of information can be reassuring.
Too much information can make you nutty.

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A lot of first pregnancies miscarry….you’ll be fine, @fluthernutter. :)

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@Dutchess_III It wasn’t my first pregnancy. :(

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The fact that this question keeps popping up makes me paranoid. It’s a sign, isn’t it? I’m being warned aren’t I?

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So when are you due @fluthernutter?

No, @WillWorkForChocolateI was the one who was being warned.

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Oh my God. here it is again!

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Hehhhhh! Muwahhhhh!!!00

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Now I really am paranoid. Do you know something I don’t? Do you have super long distance x-ray/sono type vision, and this is your way of trying to tell me there’s a baby in my belly?

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@Dutchess_III At the end of the month.
Though all signs seem to point to sooner!

Dutchess_III's avatar the details in my post. Well, the other day I was walking to the Phillips 66 across the street from my house. I came up from behind, was up on the walkway that runs along side of the building. A car was pulling in to park. Because of my years-long habit, I stopped walking. When the gal, who was in her 20’s, was about 5 feet from the curb…she GASSED it. They hit that curb hard. Both her and the passenger almost hit their heads on the windshield. Her car wheels stopped just short of actually coming up on the walkway…but just barely. If she’d started one foot further back, still accelerating like she was, that car would have hit the building…at just the exact moment I would have been crossing in front of it if I hadn’t stopped…..

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