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What are the ways someone manipulates you, yet you allow it because you find it amusing if not just totally love it?

Asked by mazingerz88 (27052points) July 8th, 2012

When my SO wants me to get off in front of the TV and go get something to nibble from the kitchen, first, she waits for something funny to giggle at at the comedy movie we were watching or shriek and gasp at a horror movie scene.

She knows I like it when she’s enjoying the movie I recommended and I couldn’t say no to her request. I know she’s manipulating me. I just don’t know whether she knows I know. Somehow I feel life is a bit more bearable with this kind of “shenanigan” going around.

So does anyone in your life has his or her own itty bitty way of making you do things you normally dislike doing? Are you doing it yourself as well?

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Yeah. There’s a person, whose company I enjoy, who gets a real kick out of pushing my buttons on various issues. Often, I know he’s trying to get me irritated and I’ll respond appropriately. It’s not that I actually feel upset, but that I know it pleases him to think he got to me and I’m not sure he knows that I’m getting similar amusement from playing along.

Is that the sort of manipulation you mean?

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My dog does the “big brown eyes” trick on me and it gets me every single time. Does that count?

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My kids, they know just what to say to make me give in…. and as @downtide my puppy because he knows just how to give me those puppy dog eyes when he wants something

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For sure! I save exciting news like report cards and what score I got on my A.P. exam, or abnormally good behavior, like cleaning up the whole house, (even stuff that isn’t my responsibility), and cleaning my parent’s car, for when I really want my mom to say yes to something. She knows I do it, and yet it works everytime. I guess she just likes hearing the good news and having me clean so she just keeps going with it.

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My mother lol. But I always confront her.

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