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Have you ever been around someone who sneezed extremely loudly, which then immediately made you want to murder them?

Asked by Skyline43 (180points) July 9th, 2012

I’m obviously exaggerating a bit here, but seriously. If you know you’re a loud sneezer, you really need to warn people.

I was caught off guard by a woman once who sneezed this terrible, really shrill sneeze. Like a full blown tennis grunt right in your fucking ear. I wanted to club her to death after that. It’s not a rational response to someone sneezing, but I can’t help it.

What freaks/grosses you guys out or annoys you? Or both?

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There is a guy in my office who who sneezes a half dozen times in a row and you can hear the snot hitting everything around is desk. Drives me crazy to hear it.

But I am a loud sneezer too, and once it hits I can’t warn people, I can only do my best to grab something to cover my nose and mouth. Which is why I always have a napkin handy.

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Unexpectedly loud noises of any sort make me feel murderous.

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No, and I think that reaction is sort of overwhelmingly inappropriate.

The time to have a visceral – want to kill you – reaction is when someone farts loudly and pollutes the air, particularly in a closed room or a car where there is no escape. That’s what should evoke a reaction.

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When my husband screams at the TV it pisses me off to no end! Always done in an abrupt, loud, incredibly annoying way. It isn’t a long rant, but a quick yell. Could be a simple, “yes!” and my skin crawls and my nerves are shot for a moment.

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No, people can’t help it if they sneeze.

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Maybe you should seek help for “sneeze rage”.

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My co-worker sneezes loudly and suddenly, and the way she reacts is as if she is surprised. She always says, “Ooo, excuse me!” I know when I sneexe I know it is coming and I can keep it quiet when in the presence of others. It makes me wonder why all people can not do the same. The Fuckers

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I know what you are saying. Some people make such a big deal of it when they sneeze. There was a women where I use to work that would scream whenever she sneezed. The first time that I heard it I about went through the ceiling.

Sneezing is a natural body reacting but there is no need to bring the vocal cords into it and disrupt others trying to do their work. Whenever I sneeze, all that can be heard is a sudden rush of air.

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A sneeze should be let out in all it’s glory, not curtailed or muffled in any way.
Otherwise you run the risk of blowing your eyeballs from the sockets & we can’t be having that.

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My roommate sneezes like a goddamn banshee. It’s so irritating. It’s so loud, sometimes it even scares the crap out of me. I mean obviously I’m not gonna talk to her about it, people are allowed to sneeze. And anyways she’s the kinda person who thinks she’s perfect, and will pout and ignore me for like seven hours if I mention it. She also smokes joints like a fish drinks water, and has these bloody fucking annoying coughing fits that last for ever, and those are also very annoyingly loud.
There’s a girl at work too who sneezes really loud…sounds like a cow exploding, and at the end of the sneeze she does this ’‘cute’’ little ’‘pyeeew’’ thing. It’s…disturbing.
When I sneeze, I do my best to involve my voice in it as little as I can, so all you really hear is the air traveling, or wtv you wanna call it. People who sneeze too loud piss me off.

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@dabbler Perhaps it’s a male instinct type of thing, but indeed, yes. Haha!

@elbanditoroso I’m not skittish about farts. But when someone sneezes on me that’s a different story. That is spit and snot coming from your mouth and nose, and you just shot it at my face like a double barrel shotgun through your freakishly large nostrils. That says to me that you want an ass whooping.

@JLeslie Haha. If you sounded any more like my wife I’d have to cop search this house for a hidden laptop.

@Ponderer983 I know right? I mean, no one had to teach me how to hold in a fucking sneeze. I learned how to do it myself.

@gondwanalon I’ve come across women that you would think were having childbirth flashbacks when they sneezed. There is absolutely nothing physical going on that forces you to use your voicebox when you clear your fucking nasal passages. It’s a habitual, learned behavior and IT IS IRRITATING.

@ucme Call me quaint but I tend to hold in all my sneezes in public without much effort, and needless to say I still have both me eyeballs!

@Symbeline You’ve got to love” cute” sneezes. I knew a girl who did the exact same thing. The fact that she looked like a pale reproduction of Minnie Mouse made it funny as hell.

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@Skyline43 Okay, you’re quaint ;¬}

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@Skyline43 Could be a male instinct, hadn’t thought of that. However, a woman I know practically yells “Bless You” at sneezers, almost as startling as the sneeze.
I certainly wouldn’t act on a murderous feeling, it’s just a feeling.
The loud noisemakers that tempt me to act on murderous feelings are car horn honkers and loud yelling drunks.

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@dabbler Yep, I swear. That and any person opening the same exact door as me, from the other side. But they can’t open it normal, they have to do it with this unnecessary brute force. Like they’re trying to knock the door off it’s fucking hinges. I get that one at least once a week and it drives me absolutely CRAZY.

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