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Are there any adult movie stars with the name "Higgs"? They may be missing a big opportunity...

Asked by elbanditoroso (24554points) July 9th, 2012

Apparently more than one spell checker has ‘corrected’ BOSON to BOSOM (go to Google and try it yourself!).

It strikes me that an enterprising female with the name of Higgs could/should start printing up t-shirts that say “You have found the Higgs Bosom”, or “here is the goddess particle” and make a zillion dollars by capitalizing on the recent discovery.

And you can be sure that at some point, one of the web filter software programs is going to censor anything with the word “boson” in it….because those are such blunt instruments.

Anyway, if there is Higgs in the adult industry, this is your big chance.

Is there such an opportunity here? Or has the Higgs Boson phenomenon sort of petered out in the last week? Do people even understand the significance of the discovery?

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Completely serious.

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I’m sure that porn stars are carefully studying the news from Switzerland in hopes of cornering the market for boson porn.

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