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How many breweries or wineries have you visited?

Asked by Tropical_Willie (22331points) July 9th, 2012

I started visiting long before I was old enough to drink. I was 7 and went with an aunt and uncle to several wineries in the Russian River area of California. I’ve been lucky to go to an English brewery, Fuller’s Griffin brewery. Also been in breweries from Florida to Portland, Maine in the United States.

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Several in Napa Valley (CA)
Couple in France
Biltmore Estate Winery (Ashville, NC)
Many in Texas (there are several withing miles of my home)

Couple in Texas
Couple in Portland, OR

There might be more that I can’t recall offhand—I’ve managed to lose a few braincells during my visits ;-)

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I’ve visited too many wineries to count. I’ve visited wineries along the wine trails in the different states I’ve lived in on the east coast of the US. I’ve also visited the Jack Daniels brewery in Tennessee and the Bacardi Rum factory in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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@bkcunningham I forgot about the Rum factory while I stayed at the Ponce Hilton and Casino.

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2, Stella Artois in Belgium, and the Flying Dog Brewery in Maryland, US.
Can’t say I remember much of either tour ;)

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I did get to go to a vineyard (I don’t remember the name) when I was in Germany on a student exchange. I got hammered on sipping wine as the boy next to me was an epileptic who couldn’t drink wine and gave me his tasters.

As a an ex-home brewer I had an interest in beer making and did visit 3 breweries, Budweiser, Old Style in Milwaukee and Goose Island brewery here in Chicago. Budweiser was immaculate and Old Style was totally the opposite….yuck!

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I live in a premiere wine zone with over 40 wineries, vineyards, microbreweries and tasting rooms within about a 40 mile radius in my county in the northern california foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains.
One of my favorites is only about 4 miles from me and incorporates award winning wines and ales. The worlds most delicious beers and the best california champagne ever!
Spoiled I am!

They bottle their fleet of ales in old fashioned ceramic corked recyclable bottles, reminds me I have a case to return! :-)

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Wineries and microbreweries in Washington State. Many.
Wineries if Oregon.

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wants to go live with @Coloma even more than ever.

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Quite a few.

Hunter Valley, NSW.
McClarenvale, South Australia
Margaret River, Western Australia
Sirrromet, Queensland
Wine region in Tasmania
Beenleigh Rum Distillery

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I worked at a small brewery for a few years as a contracted book keeper and office manager. I also worked at a small winery, teaching their marketing manager how to use a computer. I can’t remember all the wineries I visited, but pretty sure I visited each one in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand at least once, some several times. There were a few brew pubs around Milwaukee and Green Bay, but I forget the names of them.

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