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How do you feel about adult gamers?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23098points) July 9th, 2012

As in video/computer games.

I have no problem with people who enjoy gaming, in fact, I play on a few different websites, and with game apps on my tablet. And I’m 33. Some people think it’s strange that I have so much fun with games.

Do you think all gamers are nerds?

Does it seem weird that some adults still like to play video games?

When you hear an older (say, above 25) person talk about gaming, do you lose respect for them?

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Ntuthin wrong with a game now and then… I do wonder, however, about the ones who become obsessive about it.

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Well i’m one myself, so by definition it has to be supercool & awesome.
I play on xbox live, mainly call of duty games, pwning noobs is really rather pleasant.
There used to be an old guy on there, rumoured to be in his seventies, I think that’s fucking brilliant.

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Hear hear! My boyfriend and I are both self-proclaimed gamers, and don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

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My daughter and her boyfriend love their games, but also keep the balance between gaming and work, etc. Obviously I am not of the gaming generation being 52 now, I have enjoyed the graphics in that Red Dead redemption western themed game, but I have zero interest in taking up gaming.

I think like anything it’s about balance. Anything can become addictive, and used as a means of escapism. Gaming obsessions are no different than obsessive TV watching, fluthering, eating, drinking, drugging or compulsive exercise or sexuality.
Same rope different ends.

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Oh, I also still occasionally hook up my old SNES and kick some ass with Mario, lol. I don’t mind being a nerd. =0)

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Gamer girls rock! That’s what they say. I’m not a gamer, but if I find out someone my age is a gamer, I think it’s cool! I don’t lose respect until they lose the filter between reality and the game world.

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I don’t have time now but my perfect idea of retirement is playing games 23 hours a day non-stop sitting on my Lazyboy. : )

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I wonder if nursing homes in the future will have gaming rooms for the senior gamers, I can see it now, all you youngsters at 90 feeblely trying to stay on top of your game.
“Ooooh, I’ve dropped my controller and I can’t pick it up” frantically pushing your buzzers to get nurses assistance! lololol

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LMAO! There will also be a computer room set up for all the senior WoW gamers. Everyone will talk about last night’s dungeon raid, and how many times they “wiped on a boss” (their character got killed) because a group member left the room to go pee for the 15th time or change their depends.

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@WillWorkForChocolate Yeah, they will market a 24 hour gaming depends, capable of absorbing up to 5 lbs. of body waste with a built in high tech diaper rash barrier. lolol

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Oh good Lord. That sounds… odoriferous.

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@Coloma, I play shuffleboard with a man who lives in an assisted living facility with his wife. He was telling me Saturday that he is the Wii bowling champion at the facility. He has organized a league who plays against the staff. How cool is that?

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@bkcunningham Cute! I guess you can teach old dogs new tricks. haha

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It would just never occur to me to judge an adult for being a gamer. I mean, I would probably judge them for playing the new Lara Croft, but just gaming in general? I’m actually not sure I’m friends IRL with anyone who doesn’t play games…

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Hmm, this weekend I set up a LAN minecraft server so that I could play with my kids, so I’m fine with adult gamers.

I think it is an interesting that the video game industry makes more money than the movie industry. More and more I hear about people looking forward to a new video game rather than a new movie. It’s definitely becoming mainstream.

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The only people who can afford to do it properly are the over 35’s. I mean can you see an under 25 being able to pay 3 home consoles, 2 portables, an iphone and keep a gaming PC up to date as well as paying for all those games that come out and having the space to keep all the retro stuff back to an Atari 2600. I don’t think so.

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I talked to a guy that was married with no kids, made over 100k a year, and was an avid gamer. Asking this question shows how much people rely on stereotypes. People have to be embarrassed they play videogames because no one is a real adult unless they’re a workaholic. What a great life that would be, not doing what makes you happy.

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Everyone in my immediate family is a gamer, the adults and the preschoolers, so it seems normal to me.

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My mom is a big time gamer, and she’s in her late 50s.

When I played a MMORPG 5 or 6 years ago, we had people in the guild that were in their 60s.

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I think it is great. It keeps you young at heart.

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I confess, I’m a gamer. I love them – they actually help keep you on your toes as you get older.

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I’ve been gaming fr over 25 years, before there were consoles, and the hot new computer game was Oregon Trail. I get funny looks when I tell people I am into RPGs that use dice instead of pixels.

I gain respect for older folks who aren’t afraid to let their freak flag fly…. unless they play D&D 4E, in which case they deserve all the derision they can get.

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I love video games, been playing them since I was little. Started with TurboGrafix 16, then Super Nintendo, and have been a PlayStation fan since its debut. I haven’t given up on Nintendo though, got a DS and a GameCube. I also own too many damn games. XD had to sell a few some years back when I hit a bad rut

So, being an adult gamer, obviously I approve of other adult gamers. Some get mental about it, like this dude I know who, unfortunately, gives the stereotypical gamer view some cred. Never goes out, never washes, ew. But I know quite a lot of adult gamers and they’re all normal people. Being obsessed about something can, obviously, be attributed to any hobby, so gamers shouldn’t be singled out, especially currently, when it seems that out of nowhere, everyone and his sister plays games.
We have a new girl at work who’s an Xbox fan and loves zombie themed games. Instead of warring about which console is better, we became good friends fast haha.

if anyone wants to add me to their PS3 friends list, let me know ^^

To show my appreciation of games and gamers everywhere, I’m totally larvaing everyone in this thread. :D

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Nothing wrong with it, it’s relaxing and fun and even requires some cleverness if you’re playing the right games. The only time where it’s a problem is if it consumes life. You’re not bettering yourself when you play games, so anyone, kids or adults, should have other hobbies that are more stimulating.

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I would rather swallow a bundle of razors than listen to the ramblings of the xbox live crowd.

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@Michael_Huntington And may I quote; I’d rather shit a cactus out of my dick rather than play Urban Champion!

Some guy who worked on Urban Champion; Urban Champion wasn’t that bad in 1985!!

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LOL one of those peasant guys, looks like he’s getting his head shot off. XD

wait, pon closer inspection, it’s a demon head

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I am totally uncoordinated, the hand to eye thing is way too fast for me, my daughter laughs her ass off at how pathetic I am the few times I’ve tried. I accept I am totally pathetic. lol

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@ragingloli I don’t see MechWarrior Online or Shadowrun Returns hitting consoles any time soon, so why bother?

@Coloma Not all games require reflexes. Some, like Warzone 2100, allow you to change the speed, while others are turn-based and thus render speed irrelevant. I have similar issues with many shooters like Halo, though I do decent at slower-paced ones like World of Tanks or Deus Ex, and am downright dangerous at turn-based ones.

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I recently fought someone to a 5 to 1 victory in PVP. I had a Prometheus, he had a Defiant, which is much more agile than mine, while having equal forward firepower. Did not even have to use my Multi Vector Assault Mode for 3 of those wins.

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I would be bothered by the idea of someone who I was close to spending all of their free time on it.

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I’m 29 and an occasional gamer. I have no problem with it, just as long it doesn’t take over your life and become all someone ever focuses on.

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