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Does anyone you know have an annoyingly creepy laugh?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23137points) July 9th, 2012

A friend of my daughter’s is here right now, and every time she laughs, I cringe. It’s an incredibly loud cross between Fran Drescher and Maleficent.

Do you know people who make you cringe when they laugh?

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Yes! My salesman here at work does. Dave if you are reading this….sorry but your laugh creeps me out! Smart move not laughing during the job interview!

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MIlo here; Apart from Gail, no.

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@Milo Oh dear, I hope Gail isn’t reading over your shoulder…

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Hahaha @Cruiser !

No, can;t say that I do, but my neighbor has this throat clearing tic that can be heard from a ¼ mile away. I’m on the downhill slope and his angry sounding throat clearing is creepy.
Of course what was even creepier was the first few days when I was in this house 6 years ago. I kept hearing a horrible coughing sound coming down from their barn and thought ” Wow…that guy is really SICK!”

Turns out it was their Llama coughing…damn, sounded like the final stages of lung cancer. lolol

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@WillWorkForChocolate: MIlo here; Gail doesn’t get to login until her slot opens up, at 2:45 AM.

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A girl I used to work with had a high, shrill, piercing laugh. When I would see people talking to her, I would think to myself, don’t say anything funny, don’t make her laugh.

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@chyna Ha! I feel the same way about my bio dad. He sounds like a donkey in pain when he laughs. I try to not tickle his funny bone.

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There was a girl at my college who had a laugh exactly like a guinea pig. It was the most remarkable thing. You could recognize her laugh from across the quad or a packed dining hall. It wasn’t creepy, but it did get kind of grating at times… But she was such a joyous person it was easy to forgive :-p

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The only type of laughter I find annoyingly creepy is when it is at someone else’s expense.

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Unusually high pitched giggles (from a man or a woman) and laughing on the inhale rather than the exhale. As a teenager, I did the latter. I wanted to change it and my family had an hilarious dinner one night while I practiced laughing on the exhale. Cured me.

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My grandma used to laugh with a hint of wicked witch of the west & a touch of demented hyena thrown in, what a fucking din.

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My boss cackles like a witch (he’s a guy)
And a man who works across the street has the worst laugh ever I can’t even explain it.

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Why mine of course!!!! The echo of it gives me the creeps!

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Oh, yes. This guy that I dated verrrrry briefly. I made him laugh once and I never, ever wanted it to happen again.

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My evil laugh. It sounds like Satan after he ruins someones life.

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My really good friend max. Very strange sense of humor and a very posh british diabolical laugh. Basically he sounds like a torturer. Lol

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