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Should the T-shirt contest odds favor Milo or Marwyn?

Asked by gailcalled (54631points) July 9th, 2012

Since they probably wear the same sized T-shirt… extra petit/tall which is the same as extra petite/ wide…it may not matter. And I think the judging should be on quality. Screw that random drawing idea.

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I think they should hold a competition to determine who is to be presented the shirt.
The competition consists of three parts:
1. Who makes the loudest purr.
2. Who meows the most beautiful meow.
3. Who has the most legs.

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Who is Marwyn? The goose?

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@marinelife Yes the goose.

Well, there has to be a cat-e-gory for sexiest wings and when it comes to the wet tee-shirt contest well…Marwyns the winner, wings down! :-)

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Give poor Milo a chance!!!!!

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Do my kitties count as ‘family’? Can I make them eligible? ;)

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And Jasper should be eligible to enter too.

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The fashion police?

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@Bellatrix: Your link is locked.

@augustlan; Don’t ask me. You’re the decider.

Milo here; Bring on the competition. The best and the brightest and the handsomest…the odds are still in favor of yours truly

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Yes, bring it on, all creatures great and small that waddle and walketh and creepeth.
Marwyn is having a grand time this morning pruning my bamboos. Gourmet bamboo shoots for breakfast.

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It says it is for public view so I don’t know what I did wrong. Try this. If that doesn’t work, not sure what to do.

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@Bellatrix That took us to your Flickr stream, but here are your kitty pictures. What a beautiful cat!

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Thank you @auggie. He is a cutey.

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@Bellatrix: MIlo here; If that’s Jasper, I have to admit that he’s not half bad.

(Gail here: @Bellatrix: Translated, that means Milo is very jealous and thinks that Jasper is the cat’s meow (his highest compliment).

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You are all doomed, Town Dog is the fairest of them all! And looks great in a t shirt (wet or dry)

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Me of course!

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