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What have you done that you never ever thought you would do?

Asked by Cruiser (40426points) July 9th, 2012

Everybody says “I would never do that!” Whether it is a moral code issue or something that you are just too afraid to do…is there something that you did do that you never thought you would ever do?

What did you do and what got you to do it? Was it a double dare? A little liquid courage? Just fate? Change of mindset as you got older??

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Bungee jump tied off at the ankles my one and only time. I am glad I did it before lunch, but probably not as glad as the folks on the ground were.

It was an attempt to conquer my fear of heights.

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Get a divorce 9 years ago.
Go up in a hot air balloon.
Wander off on my own in foreign countries on solo adventures.
Find that my all time favorite pet of a life time would a goose! lol
Rescue a trapped lizard with astro-glide personal lubricant.
Be able to have extremely candid sexual discussions with men.
Get older.
Pick up the happy brownies again after a 20 year sabbatical from the herbal forest.

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Move to North Carolina from New England.
Yes to mindset change.

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OK @Coloma….what haven’t you done that you said you would never ever do! lol!

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Walk up to two strange men at night in the winter and ask, “Are you the walkers?” Those two have become two of my best friends in my new single life.

Hitchhike through England and meet my husband (ex.)


Ride in a WW2 biplane

Get arrested in a foreign country


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I thought that I’d never get a heart ablation to stop atrial fibrillation (AF). That’s where they run several long catheters through your femoral arteries and veins in your inguinal area up into and through your heart where the ablation (scaring) is done inside your heart. Also they put a Foley catheter in your bladder and you have to lay flat on your back for 16 hours. At first I said no way even though the procedure was not even offered to me. But after 9 years of suffering with AF and all of the harsh drugs that did more harm than good, I just couldn’t take the suffering anymore. I went begging for an ablation procedure even though it cost $80K and there was only a 70% success rate. It has been over 2 years since my ablation procedure and my heart has been in normal sinus rhythm ever since, I’m taking no drugs and feeling terrific. I only wish that I didn’t wait so long to have the ablation.

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@gondwanalon: You paid the 80 k out of your pocket?

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Wade back into the brackish undertow of the dating world. I JUST went down that crooked path over the weekend, and yep, classic, guy’s a total pervert. Called me 5 times yesterday and had the nerve to invite himself to my house for a sleepover already, under the ruse of not wanting to drink and drive and after disclosing he becomes very aroused when consuming alcohol. Not to mention he disclosed he was watering his yard naked on the phone and that he would be “thinking” of me at bedtime.

Lord, have you no shame water boy? lololol

Needless to say I will be screening my calls tonight. Gah!

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I grabbed a bottle of Sierra Mist and drank it wothout pouring it into a cup. I just drank it out of the bottle, and my friend was like, “I would never think you’d do that!” I replied, “I finished it off.”
When I was talent show. I was always known as the ‘shy girl’ in school; which I hated.
When I got on a huge rollercoaster
Get a second Ferret
Started to wear makeup

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Eat raw oysters. Love them now and am sorry I was such an idiot before. . . .all that time I could have eaten them, that I missed! Feel the same way about fried calamari. tsk!!

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@Coloma Time to invite the gardener back to answer you phone.

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I used a swear word once. or twice

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@Coloma Just tell Water boy that you have to water your garden with a bucket because your duck eats garden hose for breakfast!

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Sucked my own dick, this happened quite by chance when I stumbled on an icy pavement & wound up in a twisted heap.
The oppurtunity was there, so I took it, kept the chill out of my bones anyway.

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Jeez…and that’s just the half of it, so many more red, red flags!
ONE date, 2 phone calls and now I am being semi-stalked.
Good thing I defy GPS. lolol

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Let a guy have anal sex with me. I had a very steadfast idea of “nothing in the out hole,” but then I figured, hey stop being such a tight ass. Too bad I am and it hurt :(

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@jca The hospital’s bill was for a little over $80K. I had two insurance companies. One insurance company paid $43K . The other insurance company said that $43K was more than they would pay for the procedure so they refused to pay anything. But they did help me as they pressured the hospital to accept the $43K as the full payment. I was OK with that. But push come to shove, I would have paid the full $80K if I didn’t have insurance. Money doesn’t mean much when you have been knocked down so far.

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@gondwanalon Aren’t you afraid of having an issue with your vigorous exercise regime?
Jeez, I just mowed my yard in the heat and thoguht I was going to keel over and I have no known heart issues.

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Skydiving was the big one for me. Didn’t see that one coming…but once I actually considered doing it for real, it seemed less “outrageous”. Considering it in the first place was part of what I never thought I would do.

And yes, anal sex, as well. Although, in my case, I wasn’t on the receiving end…but I still used to find it very off-putting and surprisingly, it wasn’t. :P

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I got several facial piercings. When I was much younger, I never thought I’d want a needle going through my face. Boy, was I wrong, LOL!

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There are lots of things I never thought I’d do which I have done. Some were things I was afraid of doing like auditioning for a play in high school. My grade school friend was at the audition and she encouraged me to go ahead and try out for the chorus in Fiddler on the Roof. I didn’t have to sing at the audition (thank God!) It was the dancing that was important. Luckily it was a sort of mass audition which made it easier to do since not everyone was staring at me alone. They just played some music and told us to improvise. It was the scene where the butcher’s wife comes back from the grave. We had to leap around the stage in some sort of graceful (hopefully) post modern ballet.. After a few minutes of this with the director watching we were told we could stop. I was the only one who didn’t hear so there I was just leaping and twirling with wild abandon. Finally I realized that everyone else had stopped. I was a little embarrassed but I did get put in the chorus. That play has such happy memories for me. I am so glad that my friend Sarah was there to give me the push I needed.

I never thought I would have to use my French lessons in the real world but I was in Bordeaux and had to get an emergency train ticket back to Paris with my husband. I asked the clerk if she spoke English. I think she probably did but she said non. Granted, it isn’t the most advanced thing to have to communicate but I was nervous that I would get it wrong and we would end up on the wrong train. Luckily it all worked out. Someday I will return. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to review my French beforehand next time. I’d love to be able to converse with people.

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Good to see ya, @Cruiser!

Mine will seem like such little things! I lead a cautious life, and I’m working on getting better about that.

As a shy person, I never thought I would initiate so many conversations with strangers. It’s kind of necessary in college if you want to have friends!

As someone with health-related phobia, I never thought I’d drink alcohol. Finally decided that doing so would be a good step towards a more normal attitude regarding my body and taking “risks.” I did it, and it was fun, and none of my organs shut down.

As someone with little confidence in my “hands on” skills, I never thought I’d try an engineering course, but this past quarter I took a robotics class that’s notoriously difficult (it’s one of those “weed out” courses). It was hard, but I built a kick ass robot and ended up with an A. Sooo much work.

As someone who grew up waaaay too sheltered and naive, I never felt like I’d be capable of achieving any measure of independence. Well I can’t brag yet, but my road test is in a week and hopefully I’ll finally be a licensed driver, and later that same day I’ll be navigating an airport by myself.

Hey, all of these things have happened in the past two years or so. I think that’s a good sign!

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@Coloma I am what doctors refer to as an interesting case. In other words, they could find no reason that caused my atrial fibrillation. 3 different cardiologist did 3 different echo cardiograms on my heart and could detect no abnormalities or disease states associated with my heart. What they saw was a normal athletic heart. One cardiologist told me that I have the heart similar to that of an olympic cyclist. One doctor told me that my heart laughs at AF. All the cardiologist encouraged me to keep being as athletic as possible especially when my heart was in AF. It was no fun and brutally hard but I even completed 2 full marathons (Boston and NY City) and 3 triathlons while in constant AF.

Nowadays I’m as active as ever and it feels good to workout and I’m appreciating it. My world is spinning in greased grooves. The cardiologist the did the ablation told me to just keep my heart rate under 155 when I workout. Yesterday my wife and I cycled 55 miles, went to a dragon boat practice and then a BBQ. Today, I worked out 1½ hours (Calisthenics, jogging and swimming) and then I worked in the yard this afternoon mostly pruning trees.

Good health!

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Attempt to take up running

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Went to church once. Didn’t like it.

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I swore I was completely done with relationships. Several times.

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Spank a child. Still don’t believe in it, but I’ve done it!
Own a gun. Technically, they are my husband’s.
Get re-married.
Manage this website.

@janbb You got arrested? Details, woman!

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@augustlan About some things, my flippers are sealed.

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Join the military, work with high voltages for a living, learn to swim (I had to teach myself unfortunately), go on a rollercoaster that turns you upside down and buy a computer. I still don’t believe that I’ll ever get married either :)

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I’m living a lifestyle that I would have never imagined for myself, but it’s a good thing.

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Leave my ex husband. I was Positive that would never happen. I waited too long.
Drive a 32’ RV down a highway. Easier than I thought it would be.
Race cars in Denver on the back of a Kawasaki 750? Jump a creek endless times on the back, too. I still have a hard time believing I did it .
Get a root canal.
There are probably more things I can’t recall right now. Oh; be the only passenger in a small plane as a teen. I was with my boyfriend, the pilot.
I hope to do lots more things I’ve always thought I’d never do. Oh; dance on American Bandstand once. lol In Philadelphia.

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May I add possible polyamory? Gee wiz…

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