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After you hard boil eggs do you wash the pan?

Asked by SuperMouse (30772points) July 9th, 2012

When you think about it all that was in the pan was some boiling hot water and eggs. If the eggs don’t crack and no egg bits get on the pan, do you wash it or just dry it and put it away?

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I wash the pan because I always add a dash of vinegar.

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Yes, the dirty part of the egg is the outside of the shell. Granted boiling the eggs should kill most of the nasties on the shells, but it isn’t hard to wash a pan.

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Yes. I also wash a measuring cup that only had water in it. I’m weird.

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I wash it to prevent hard water stains from accumulating on the pan over time.

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i find that boiling eggs in aluminum pans turns the inside of the pan dark. I periodically use a scouring pad on them.

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I give it a quick rinse after removing all of the eggs, but a full wash just seems unnecessary.

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I wash the pot.

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I wash cause I add vinegar as well.

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What does adding vinegar do?

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I wash the pan because there is always residue from the eggs and/or the water.

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@chyna my mom used to do it and from what I’ve heard it lessens the likelihood of the eggs splitting or cracking.

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Nope. I wipe it and dry it while it’s still hot.

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Yes. Well, I wash the pot like @jca. Just a quick rinse with a little soap.

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I was the pot. The outside of eggs are filthy.

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Yes. Habit, I guess. I always seem to see a bit of residue somehow. : )

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I’m like @chyna. I wash everything, whether it really needs it or not!

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@filmfann: Filthy, filthy eggs!

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Yeah, but just a quick swipe with the dishcloth, no scrubbing. I think all the vinegar does is keep the eggwhite from getting out if one of the eggs cracks, I don’t think it keeps it from cracking. I don’t usually use it.

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I don’t add vinegar when I boil eggs, and I only wash the pan if the egg cracks. I love in an area where hard water isn’t a problem. Otherwise I figure having boiling water in it for 5 minutes it’s going to kill off whatever germs might have been on the egg.

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I just swirl some cold water around it and wipe it dry with a tea towel.

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Heck yeah. Where did that egg come from?

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