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Is there a digitial jukebox out there?

Asked by sarahclif (135points) May 31st, 2008

We want to get rid our entire CD collection. We have a laptop that is already full and never stationary so an attached hardrive is not a good option.

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Do you mean a….box that you can load all your music onto and listen to in yourself? Nice speakers, etc?

Well, if you’re just looking to play music I’d suggest getting an iPod and one of these.

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Alot of people use Mac Mini’s and Apple TV’s for their digital media centers (aka, digital jukebox’s).

Sizable hard drives in addition to Front Row make it a very attractive solution. Not to mention the endless possibilies in versatility.

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AppleTV would be good. Personally, I’m holding out until they include larger HDs and some kind of DVR ability.

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~Go for the mac Mini, then you can use airport expresses to extend your options.

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open an FTP Server.. :) thats how i save all my info on my own Server online. its Secure if you know what your doing. Or just get an ipod or (what i have) Creative ZEN. also WMP Saves Music and Videos. i think if you want the most speed reliable bang of a pc is some Tweaking and using a ftp :)

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