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What are the most ignorant jokes you have gotten through out your life?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) July 9th, 2012

Lately me and my sister have been talking about people and how ignorant they are and that her and I have always gotten the Asian jokes towards us like “Hey chink!” Or things like “where’s my rice” (or Panda express) etc.. But…What are your worst ignorant insults?

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Oh that’s easy. I get this on all the time form rabid right-wingers offended by my policy ideas. They appear to believe this is a profound rebuttal of a lengthy statement of facts.

“Your stupid.”

The thing that’s funny about that is they don’t even know what’s funny about it.

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blonde jokes. ugh hardy har har. heard em since I was little.

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Misconceptions about Africa. I’ve been asked if we live in trees there, if there’s any electricity, what it was like to eat real food like McDonald’s for the first time, if I feel weird wearing real clothes/shoes, if I speak “African,” if I have a pet lion…so on and so forth. I’ve also been told that I “don’t look African,” and I have absolutely no idea what that means. Most people don’t seem to realize that Africa is not a country and instead a vast continent with various different cultures and peoples. Pure ignorance. Luckily, I’m not easily offended, so I’m able to brush off these types of comments.

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Jokes about not taking baths and showers and using soap, jokes about whinging. On the flight to Australia when I emigrated many years ago, the Aussie I sat next to told ‘pommie’ jokes for the whole trip. Apparently, according to Australians, British people don’t bathe and we whinge constantly.

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I’m 31/32 white and suffer endless deference and respect from authorities.

@Bellatrix: tell them Britain is to Australia as Isaak is to Jacob.

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People sometimes seem genuinely surprised I’m not a drunk catholic racist like all Poles naturally must be. By the way, Poland is in Asia, right? lol <insert Einstein’s famous stupidity quote>

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@jordym84 Where abouts in Africa are you from?

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An ex-boyfriend used to say, “That’s pretty good…for a girl.”

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I’m Asian as well. The worst insult I’ve ever gotten was “go back to your own country.”

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@thebluewaffle I was born in Cape Verde, a small archipelago off the western coast of Africa.

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@jordym84 Wow, looks a beautiful place.

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OMG! I JUST had this asshole guy tell me a HORRIBLE ” joke” about asian hookers from when he was in the Navy the other day. Totally blew my mind, evil and nasty and I wouldn’t repeat it for any amount of money. Needless to say I lost all respect for this asshat.

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@thebluewaffle Thank you, it really is :)

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Yo Mamma jokes. Almost no one has even MET my mother.

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Since I live in Texas, I apparently wear a cowboy hat, speak with a really twangy accent, and ride a horse to the store. Shall I keep going?

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@jordym84 I think I’d live in a tree house to be able to live there. Lovely land.

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I didn’t know how else to send you a message because I haven’t confirmed my email yet, but yeah hey what’s up. I see you do age ;)

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You knew me from before I aged? Hey, even bristlecone pines age. They just do it V E R Y   S L O W L Y. :-)

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