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Tips to quit smoking without drugs?

Asked by judochop (16099points) May 31st, 2008 from iPhone

personal tips, no links to other sites please.

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Divide a grapefruit into individual sections.Then eat each section very slowly. Something about the taste and the extra vitamin C is supposed to be helpful. A nurse told me about this once, and I found it helpful.

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I read the most effective method that got people to stop smoking was when Brittish doctors told patients the hypothetical age of their lungs.

It can be pretty heavy when a 25 year old hears they have the lungs of a 60 year old man.

Education can be paramount. I imagine examining a smokers lung tissue in real life would do the trick. Something that’s readily availible to the general public through universities and hospitals.

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Decide it’s important enough and just do it.

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Can you see the identical sibs at right, one asked by johnny0313x and the other by vanguardian?. If you want, I will post their links.

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I went through a Smoking Cessation Program many years ago in which we kept logs noting each cigarette smoked, and the conditions or situation under which it was smoked (after a meal, on the phone,etc). The idea was to make you very aware of each and every cigarette and prevented you from just automatically lighting one up and not giving it any thought. The more you thought about each cigarette, the more you would question yourself: “do I really need to smoke a cigarette at this time and under these conditions?” At first, you’ll have mostly yesses but if you really want to quit, the answer will be no with increasing frequency until after several days, or up to two weeks in some cases, you will come to the conclusion that you really don’t need or want a cigarette and you toss the pack. It worked for me!

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I quit smoking last year. I did it buy just cutting back a little at a time, smoking fewer and fewer cigarettes each day. I eventually reached the point where I wasn’t smoking and I didn’t even like the taste of them anymore. It also helps to avoid people and places that involve smoking for a a little bit while you are quiting. You also have to really want to quit or you won’t be sucessful. Good luck!

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Get a Nicotene patch.

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Volunteer for hospice and request assignment to people dying of lung cancer. It’s ugly.

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I have a friend who is dying of stage IV lung cancer. She is in hospice now..and never was a smoker. Surgery, chemo, radiation and death is not something you want to choose.

Here are lots of earlier, very useful fluther answers and links.

Good luck.

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thank you all. It is time I quit. My daughter, my wife and my friends all mean more to me than a stupid smoke.

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Let’s hear it for Judochop! Hip hip…

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You can do it.

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If you like I will keep you all posted. Thank you and cheers.

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Yes, please keep us posted. Congratulations on a very wise decision!

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judochop, I really want you to do this. It means a lot to me personally. I’m so happy
that you’re committed. This is one of the hardest things you’ll do in your life – it’s a
beast. Remember that if you slip, fine, you slip, and you can just begin again. It takes
some people many tries. Every single time you make that decision,
you get stronger. I want to hear all about it. I lurve you.

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Good Luck judochop ! Stay strong. We’ll be thinking about you!!

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I read in the New York Times that if you stop smoking while you’re on vacation, or otherwise away from familiar people and places, you have like a 20% higher chance of success.

I wish you the very best of luck!!

Also, I see that this question was posed about a month ago, how is it going so far?

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