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Inked Jellies, have you gotten a tattoo retouched?

Asked by bookish1 (13149points) July 10th, 2012

I’d just like to hear people’s experiences getting tattoos retouched.

How much did it cost, relative to the original price/size of the tattoo? Were you completely pleased with the result?
Was there a noticeable discrepancy between the darkness/color of the original and the new ink?

I’ve got a tattoo that I’d like touched up very slightly. It was my first big one and in a very tender spot and I was so relieved when it was “over” that I didn’t even notice that the artist didn’t completely copy my design. Mine would only be a touch up in black.

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I had a black ink tattoo retouched, and I’m very happy with the result. Normally, artists do retouching for free if it’s their work. I went to another artist for the retouch, so I had to pay full price. I wanted the ink to be a bolder black for more contrast from my skin tone, and the artist was able to do that. My best advice is to go to a great tattoo artist and ask a lot of questions; you should be happy with the results.

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@bookish1 Sure thing =)

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I had a tatoo re-inked and outlined in 1998 that I had gotten back in 1987. The original tattoo artist hadn’t used high quality, long lasting ink and could have done better on the outline and fill colors.

The artist that redid my tattoo did a fantastic job using long lasting ink and was really meticulous in retracing the outline and pouring on the color to cover the previous problems. The only drawback (although the end result was worth it) was she had to use a lot of pressure on the skin, more so than needed for an original tattoo, and about 90 minutes to do the entire project. The difference between the old and new was remarkably good and I was very pleased with her efforts. Even today, the tattoo colors stand out very well and show little fading.

I believe I paid 175 dollars when I first got the tattoo and paid 225 dollars to have it completely re-inked and outlined. Money well spent in my case.

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Thank you for sharing your experience @Bluefreedom !

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@bookish1. You’re welcome. Hope your touch up is everything you want it to be and more. =)

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@Bluefreedom : Well, this tattoo healed kind of badly because I got it during a heat wave a few years ago and I was sweating a lot. So after reading your response, I’m now thinking about getting the whole thing retouched too!

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@bookish1. Sometimes it makes the best sense to have a piece completely redone as opposed to only touching up certain areas so that old and new work don’t offset each other. And, like I mentioned before, the end results can be remarkably better which is always very pleasing.

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