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Do you ever participate in charity events such as Movember, Dry July (give up alcohol), Shave for a cure?

Asked by Bellatrix (21297points) July 10th, 2012

Which events have you participated in and how much did you raise for which charity?

Why did you choose to participate in this event?

Please describe your experience, was it positive or negative?

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I’ve done the breast cancer awareness walk a couple of times. I also ran a huge fundraiser for the Pan-Mass challenge two years ago. We raised over 60K for the Dana Farber Cancer Center.

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I participated in the Susan Komen “3-Day” event a number of years ago. 60 miles in 3 days. Because my company generously matched donations raised by my team, we four ladies raised around $12,000. The event was very inspirational, but it rather took away my desire to walk ever again ;-) I’m very glad I did it; but I’ll not do something so physically demanding again.

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Ah thanks for mentioning Movember – I had never been aware of it before, so know I’m informed. Cheers! :D

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