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Do you think trolls need to get a life?

Asked by jca (36043points) July 10th, 2012

Trolls keep returning. Doesn’t that make you think they just need to get a life?

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I’ve never understood the payoff for a troll.

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The trolls think they do have a life. To them sitting in Mom and Dad’s basement signing on to random websites and posting ridiculous comments and questions is a wonderful and fulfilling life. As stated so aptly in The Breakfast Club “pathetic and sad” but a life just the same.

The original quote “pathetic and sad, but social.” I loved that movie.

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I don’t think about them at all.

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I try not to think in terms of generalizations.

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I think we all need to get a life; I am trying to.

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As @janbb said, don’t we all?

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I usually assume they are kids, more understandable than some 30–40-50 something year old pulling the same shennanigens IMO.
40 years ago we made prank phone calls, played ” doorbell ditch” and filled up the neighbors mailbox with shaving cream, now it’s trolling on the internet, just a different venue.

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I think trolls are too socially inept to ever get a life.

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I think most trolls are very naive and have no social skills. They literally have no life outside of playing silly games with people online and making up fake scenarios and wasting time. It makes them feel special and powerful. People mostly just view them as pathetic and foolish.

Some trolls, at first, seem like real people, although they seem like idiotic people. Even real idiots sometimes need advice.

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@Kardamom I recently heard a joke I have stashed for future use.

” Your village just called, they’re missing an idiot!” lololol

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Yeah, I don’t understand what people get out of being trolls either. And I mean actual trolls, not just somebody with a controversial opinion.

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I don’t even know where you see these trolls?

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<—Reformed troll. Life is great now…~

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@Keep_on_running LOL…a recovered troll.
Did you go to troll rehab? haha

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@Coloma I visited a rehab centre called “life” and it was goOod.

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Perhaps some of the bachelor types should get a wife.

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I don’t think that would do any good. I had one of those once and I didn’t like it.

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@tups try Yahoo Answers – it’s like a trolls convention over there.

@Keep_on_running I’m glad at least one troll was able to get a life. Maybe there’s hope after all.

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@downtide I meant here on Fluther.

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@tups trolls on Fluther don’t last long, thanks to the mods’ hefty ban-hammer.

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I don’t know if they need to get one, but I sure wish they would!

@tups We get our share of trolls, believe me. We’re just pretty good at catching them. ;)

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How do you define trolls?

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’‘busts in through castle walls with tree trunk’’

BLAAAARGH! I am called ghtropthg ‘epthHgorps, and all your life are belong to me!

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@tups Mostly, like Wikipedia does. We would also include people who post the same nonsensical question/answer over and over again. We’ve had some pretty weird ones!

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They better chiggity check themselves before they wreck themselves
Because bans are bad for their health

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One person’s troll is another’s hero. Or perhaps I am not sure of the true definition of a troll. More often than not, I see people being called trolls when in fact they simply have a differing opinion and sometimes not the most diplomatic way of stating it. (as @DominicX said). Can someone show me an example of what they considering trolling?

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@rooeytoo A lot of people get accused of trolling who aren’t. They just have a difference of opinion. On the other hand, we do get trolls who routinely post a different opinion in a hostile way, specifically to get people riled up. Often times, they might not even believe what they’re saying. Doing it to piss people off is trolling.

Edited to add: That’s not the only kind of troll we get, though. We get people who are obsessed with Boy George, “wind pants”, pink panties, poop, etc., too.

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@augustlan – I wanna read the wind pants ones (what are wind pants?)

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I think they’re like track pants? Maybe? All of his stuff is long gone, but apparently, the sensation of wearing them turned him on or something.

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That’s funny, but even funnier is that this question was just posted!!! Does this constitute a poo troller?

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