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Who do you consider to be the worst celebrity 'role model'?

Asked by thebluewaffle (1002points) July 10th, 2012

As asked….

But why is he/she/they the worst role model? What bad influence do he/she/they give out?

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There are so many, it is hard to choose.

Male: Charlie Sheen, Lance ‘druggie’ Armstrong

Female: Any of the Kardashians, Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton

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Another vote for Paris Hilton. Why? Part of it is personal. I worked for Hilton Hotels for 25 years, and when the company went private, it was a big sigh of relief to know that we weren’t indirectly financially supporting her any more.

There was a rumor about Paris attempting to check into a Hilton hotel somewhere in Europe and demanding a free stay. The management told her she would have to pay, just like any other guest, and she pitched a fit. The hotel held their ground. Good for the managers, I say.

Maybe I haven’t read enough about her to pass this judgement. What I’ve seen though doesn’t sound like one of a good role model. I only watched one episode of her show, and it made me sick to my stomach. The whole DUI and arrest/jail bit does not make one a good role model. And let’s not even get into the dog discussion…

Blech. Now I feel like I need to go take a shower.

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Anyone who makes the tabloids.
What? You don’t see Michael Cain on the National Enquirer.

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Tom Cruise, because he is a member of a crazed and criminal cult.

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Santa Claus, that fat fucker’s just living a lie, poor deluded kids think the sun shines out of his arsehole ;¬}

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Peter Griffin.

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Anyone who sells every part of their lives to the tabloids like Katie Price formerly known as “Jordan”. There are certain magazines that I deliberately boycott because of their insistance on constantly buying her whiny “woes me” type life stories. Sadly, she has a disabled son who she always seems to use as a headline grabbing, money making tactic. If she hasn’t been in the news for about a week all of a sudden there will be a sensational story about her struggles with her son’s illness etc and if that fails, there is always a kiss and tell story for her to bring up.

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She was one of the main people I was thinking of when I asked this question.

Seriously, she needs putting down.

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Okay….now I am wondering if the people named so far are actually role models for anyone. There is a sort of fascination attached for their outlandish lifestyles, but does anyone you know actually aspire to be like them? I don’t.

While I dissed Paris Hilton earlier, I do have to give her credit for publicly stating that she would never get breast implants. And as creepy as Katie Price is, she deserves props for supporting former partner Alex Reid in his cross-dressing lifestyle.

Maybe a better question would be, “What celebrities make good role models?” There are a few that come to mind.

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Oh god, who cares! Hollywood is so full of shit, and we worship these celebrity mongrels.
I have zero respect for those that have everything and yet are still the most morally bankrupt of all. Pathetic, what role models?

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That is exactly my mindset, hence the reason I hyphenated ‘role models.’

I consider not one Hollywood celebrity a role model, and I could easily take their lives and still sleep soundly at night.

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@thebluewaffle I’m guessing you despise Kerry Katona as much as I do too then!!

@Pied_Pfeffer Sadly, I am more cynical about her relationship with Alex Reid, I think it was just a publicity stunt and, likely, so was her “support” of his cross dressing!!! The marriage hardly survived for long.

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I must say I am happy that little Katie Holmes left Tom Cruise and his cultish obsessions with Scientology. She grew up and saw the “light.” lol

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It is sad that a child is involved though, @Coloma. She might have grownup, but she’ll always have her child’s father in her life.

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@bkcunningham I agree, but I think it was brave of her to consider her child and the influence of Tom’s religious obsessions.

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I don’t really know very much about his beliefs to tell you the truth, @Coloma. I’ve heard he, and how many other people in the world, are Scientologist? I don’t think it is so much his association with Ron L. Hubbard that makes him a little off the wall or strange, I think Tom Cruise is off the wall or strange because that is the way he is. Hollywood may have gone to his head.

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Kim Kardashian and Snooki

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What in wrong with Snooki?

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Good, @Ponderer983. Snooki makes me laugh. Did you see the one where she bought the little mini-bike for whats-his-name? Ronnie? Sorry, Gramps. lol

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@bkcunningham Hard to detect sarcasm in these posts,

But you actually watch that shower of shite?

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Jersey Shore? I have to confess. Yes. I have watched MTV and VH1 since before you were born, I betcha @thebluewaffle. I have to admit, I have missed a couple, maybe three seasons of The Real World. The DC season and the current season are two I know I’ve missed.

Have you watched Jersey Shore? I love that stupid show. A guilty pleasure along with the National Enquirer.

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NO I haven’t seen it lol. That shit makes me wanna vomit! It so beyond bad that it’s not even the kind I can say I watch it because it’s a train wreck. I just can do it, man!

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If you haven’t seen it, how do you know it is shite? It is funny and, to me, keeps me abreast on certain younger attitudes. That is how I came to be on Fluther. I like to know what other people, younger and older, think about issues and life.

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Hi, my name is BK Cunningham and I’m a reality TV junkie.

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@bkcunningham I watched it once and spent the whole time thinking of ways I could end their lives.

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LOL, @thebluewaffle. I know. Be careful, it is addictive. Sorry to derail your question.

I really wish people didn’t put role model and celebrity together. It takes more than being seen by a lot of peopler making lots of money to be a role model. I can give you lots of role models that have never been nor will never be a celebrity or make much money. TV stuff isn’t real. ;~)

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@bkcunningham It’s fine, the reason I asked the question is to spark a conversation.

Exactly, role models to me are some (definitely NOT all) of who I’ve served alongside. Of course, they are not celebrities and just a nameless face to a passer by. But by hell these men have my respect much more than any celebrity.

@NuclearWessels Wow, that looks absolutely MEGA! The end sums up the the attitude of the general public to me…
“Are you really gonna take both those parking spots?”.....“Yeah, fuck you!”

People really need to be taught a lesson. Scary to think I could actually do that and have pretty much no remorse.

But seriously, is that a real trailer? Guessing it will not get a U.K release!

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