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Americans are as likely to be killed by their own furniture as by terrorism. Can you give me more examples like this?

Asked by phaedryx (6110points) July 10th, 2012

I just came across this article in The Atlantic and it got me thinking about how difficult is is for us to gauge risk and what we should worry about.

Another example: I’ve heard that you are more likely to be killed by a pig than a shark.

Could you give more examples where people would be more worried about the less likely occurrence? Or where it is hard to gauge the riskiness of something?

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Americans are more likely to be killed by lightning than get HIV from a blood transfusion.

You were four times more likely to be struck by lightning than killed by a terrorist.

You are more likely to be killed by a champagne cork than by a poisonous spider.

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The obvious one is driving a car vs flying.

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I have a vendor coming in on Wednesday who last year lost his 5 year old son who was crushed and killed by their TV set.

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Utah Boy
WV Girl
The Utah boy was killed by a falling tombstone and the WV girl was paralyzed by a falling tombstone.

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Probably more likely to be killed by putting your furniture together. My daughter had a friend who was helping her put her new bed together when he accidently cut himself in the leg with a butter knife. They didn’t have a screw driver and he was pushing hard on the screw when it slipped and cut his leg. She said it was a very deep gash and the doc said if it was over a few inches it would’ve hit a larger vein and he may have bled to death. He was trying to hold his end of the furniture with his legs while she held the other end. I’ve seen people do some silly things trying to put complicated peices together. Especially hard if its heavy or the pieces don’t fit or are faulty.

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@Cruiser That’s so sad! Our large TV fell on me when I was five, and I am very fortunate that other than a scar on my leg, I emerged unscathed. So did the TV, actually- we still have it!

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A recent Conde Nast Traveler article pointed out that about 42,000 Americans die each year in automobile accidents; 22,000 are murdered; 13,000 fall to their deaths, including 300 in bathtubs; 6,500 die from poisoning; 2,500 from medical treatment; 2,900 by choking on food; and 800 die when hit by falling objects. The National Severe Storms Laboratory reports that an average of 89 people have died in the U.S. each year from lightning strikes

^From an article regarding Ski & snowboard death/injury

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Back in the 90’s I worked in an office filled with women who were always sending emails about some kid being abducted in Walmart, or disappearing in parking lots or other such nonsense.

They didn’t appreciate it when I would tell them that they’re precious snowflakes were (roughly):
– 3X more likely to be killed by a horse
– 12X more likely to be killed while playing football
– 56X more likely to die in a car crash on the way to a store
than to be abducted by a stranger

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That depends where you happen to be. If you are somewhere in north Israel ( or anywhere in Israel) it will be more likely than in Scranton. Death by terrorist is not as likely as life changing events brought on by systems in place trying to stop it. Terrorist never needed to kill us to beat us. All they need to do is make our own govt make life a pain in the ass…they win. A terrorist attack occupies almost no space in my mind. A pimple faced 17 year old driving with an I pod in their lap will kill us way faster than anything.

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Crazy story! I was wearing a dress with leggings and socks. I was out with friends late, so I was pretty “tired” when I got home. I went upstairs, was undressing, and got leggings caught on a sock. Hopping around on one foot nude I went over a small stool and was headed for the floor to ceiling windows head first. Geez. That show “1000 Ways to Die” went through my head right before I decided to just sleep in a sock and legging appendage.

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