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How effective are e-cigarettes for quitting smoking?

Asked by downtide (23468points) July 10th, 2012

I bought myself an e-cigarette last week and so far it’s been a success – except for one evening I went out and the battery went flat so I had to buy a pack of ordinary ones instead. Do any other Flutherites have experience of using e-cigs to quit smoking, and how successful were you?

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It depends in part on how much nicotine you are used to. A casual smoker will have little trouble as e-cigs deliver as much nicotine aa normal cigarette. Since most people smoke less than a pack a day, it’s pretty easy.

I have had slightly less success (though I’ve cut down considerably) because I roll my own American Spirit cigs which have about 3 times the nicotine; enough that regular smokers who bum one from me get a head rush after only a drag or two. However, the e-cig I have came in a nice, normal-looking pack that holds two batteries, seven filters, and a USB charger. After only a couple of weeks, I am down to about half of what I used to smoke. When you consider that I am used to a horse dose of nicotine, that is actually pretty good. The normal smokers I know who went the e-cig route have managed to quit entirely in pretty short order.

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I use one, the kind you can put drops in. I bought the strongest drops they had. I haven’t been using it lately because I am still in the land of cheap cigs, but I will start using it exclusively soon.

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So…. What ever you do don’t use them on a bus on the M6.

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Does it really count as quitting, if you’re still addicted to the nicotine? I really want to try this, but I’m a little leery of still being addicted. I guess it’s not really the nicotine that causes all the problems (health and social) though, is it?

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@augustlan e-cigs do contain nicotine, but it’s all absorbed by the user, none of it is exhaled to be fuel for passive smoking by others. The only exhaled by-product is water vapour, a little polypropylene glycol (the same stuff that propels an asthma inhaler) and a bit of flavouring. The idea is to gradually cut down the amount of nicotine until eventually you don’t need any. Some brands of e-cigs supply cartridges that contain no nicotine.

@jerv I smoke a lot less than you; about 10 normal cigs a day. I’m glad you’ve been able to cut down.

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@ucme but it was funny enough to mention twice

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@downtide That would be about three of my smokes. Back in my Navy days, a pack of Camel Wides was a light day for me. Then again, so was only one pitcher of beer. I tend to not go halfway about things.

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