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Because Weight Watchers and I were not friends this week, can someone help me out with some veggie main courses?

Asked by poofandmook (17272points) July 10th, 2012

Fruits and veggies are a whopping 0 points as far as Weight Watchers is concerned… and I need to find some ways to fill up and be satisfied without racking up the points. Can someone help me out with some awesome veggie dishes?

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I just made a large bowl of taboulleh with bulgar, cukes, tomatoes, scallions, parsley, fresh mint and a lemon juice/oil vinaigrette. Salt and pepper to taste.

! cup bulgar in a bowl; pour 1.5 cups boiling water over it, cover and let sit for 45–60 minutes. Drain, chop everything and add at will. Parsley and mint best chopped fine. Chill and serve at room temp.

(Or stand at refrig. and eat with a spoon.)

Giant green salad with sliced radishes, cukes, and carrots; raw fresh peas, some raw string beans, and 3oz. of organic canned salmon. Dress to taste.

Caprese; sliced fresh tomatoes; some thinly sliced fresh mozzarella, fresh chopped basil and a balsamic vinegar dressing.

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Soups and salads. Lentil soup is probably pretty close to a freebie calorie-wise and you can put pretty much anything in it. Start with some diced onions, carrots, and celery, cook them in a tiny bit of oil until they smell good, add some water and every spice you like and every vegetable you want to put in it and some lentils. It will be delicious in about 40 minutes. If it’s not delicious yet, add some more herbs (coriander and cumin and bay are my favorites) and some chopped parsley on top, and maybe a squeeze of lemon. You can also make a little pesto thingie, put a ton of basil and garlic and a little bit of olive oil in a food processor and put that on top. It will make anything taste good.

Butternut squash + carrot soup is also great.

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One of my favorites, sliced cucumbers, grape tomatoes and black olives marinated in a lite red wine or raspberry vinegar dressing. Leave out the olives if you’re being hardcore on the calories. You can eat boatloads of this and it is delicious.
Also watermelon, cantalope and blackberries.

Baby carrots with a little lite ranch dressing is great too!

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Marinated artichoke hearts in a jar, drained and eaten with a fork.

Sliced fennel root.

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We made a veggie stir fry this week that was delicious. Onion, celery (sliced on the diagonal), red bell pepper, mushrooms, any green vegetable such as broccoli, zucchini, green beans, asparagus. If you really want to fancy it up add bean sprouts and bamboo shoots. Water chestnuts are OK too, but in moderation. They are carby.

Summer squash casserole. Diced onion, (sauteed I like to add some red bell pepper too) sliced summer squash (boil lightly then squeeze the water out of the squash with a fork), cheddar cheese, beaten eggs and (a little) milk. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

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I make a delicious salad with cauliflower, broccolli, Italian dressing, chopped black olives and a sprinkle of fresh parmesan. It is delicious. Combine all ingredients, the veggies torn into flowerettes, and leave in the fridge over night. It is very good and zero or very few WW points.

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I have made these black bean burgers before and they are yummy. I have added shreaded carrots, celery and corn to the mix because they are so filling an add a crunch to it

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I like chopped salads. It just seems more substantial when everything is shopped in itty bitty pieces.
Broiling a portabella mushroom can taste like a steak.
Like already stated, a big pot of soup is great. When I was on weight watchers I made “salvation soup.” it was basically a vegetable soup with chicken bouillon. I took ½ of the soup and ran it through the blender to make a creamy textured soup without the calories of cream or milk.

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I’m not sure where I found it originally but I’m a big fan of tossing apple and radish chunks with a simple lemon-dill vinaigrette. I don’t use a recipe anymore but this would be a good place to start for measurements.

Of course I literally only use apples, radishes, fresh lemon juice, fresh dill and whatever oil is on hand. It’s sweet and tangy just like that so there’s no need for sugar and adding lettuce is just diluting the goodness.

Did I mention it only takes a few minutes to make?

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As a snack jicama with lemon and salt is good for a summertime treat. Crunchy and full of water. You can make it sweet instead with a little lemon and honey as a dressing and toss it instead. I like jicama cut in small strips in salads also.

Grilled vegetables. I like portobello mushrooms and zucchini best. Also, you can buy small peppers, yellow, orange and red, and grill those and throw them into salads or add them to other dishes.

I saw some people mentioned legumes like lentils and black beans. I am not familiar with weight watchers, but I would double check if that is considered zero points, because they are not low in calorie like most veggies. Avocado is a tricky thing also, lots of fat, so lots of calories.

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Spaghetti squash.
Easy to make, cook and pull the flesh out with a fork, it will naturally strand like pasta, and can be dressed with sauce in the same way. You’ll get a ton of vegetable, fiber and feel like you’re eating carbs. >.>
[ Guide]

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I sent my fiance looking for a spaghetti squash yesterday, and there wasn’t one to be found. I’m not typically a squash eater (save for zucchini)... is this a summer-season or a winter-season squash?

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A quick and easy dish now is sliced zucchini, yellow summer squash, vidalia onion, fresh tomatoes…all sautéed quickly with a little olive oil, minced garlic and a pinch of salt.

However, all of the above veggies may be eaten raw with a little vinaigrette; they take advantage of the local harvest right now.

A good snack is a fistful of sugar snap peas or snow peas, or a cup of raw peas, freshly shelled.

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@poofandmook It’s in the winter squash family but grows in the summer.

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