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Does it bother you when a question you ask here shows up on other answer sites the next day?

Asked by YARNLADY (45616points) July 10th, 2012

I seldom ask any questions, but I see my question from yesterday on another site today.

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No it doesn’t, they’re only questions after all.

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Are they asking the question as if it is their question?

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@chyna Yes, and the wording is slightly altered.

Edit: However, I entered the question in an internet search and I see that many people have asked the same question over time.

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It would bother me if it were the same exact question. If it was a general question like “why does my dog chase its tail” I wouldn’t think it was mine, but if it was specific to me and my life, it would definitely bother me. Of course, nothing on the internet is private, so it is fair game.

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Was it asked by an actual person, or is some site scraping our questions again?

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I know that a specific site was stealing our questions a while back (with exact or near exact wording), but I believe that it was taken care of. If you suspect something like that is happening again you should tell @augustlan to look into it.

To answer your question, though, yes, it would bother me. I hardly ever ask questions, and when I do ask them, I put a lot of thought into them and they don’t tend to be generic.

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I would be more bothered if someone was stealing my answers, because those tend to be more personal to me than my questions.

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It’s not something I’m on the lookout for, so I guess it can’t really bother me. In any case, I don’t see the problem with another group of people discussing something that interests me. I spend my whole life talking about questions that were raised by people who have been dead for centuries.

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Well if somebody ripped off my question and posted it as their own, I might be kinda pissed; but if I didn’t get my answer here, I’d just go back to the other place and see those people’s answers.
If it’s the same question but obviously thought of and posted by someone else, wouldn’t bother me.

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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

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There are other sites?

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@zensky There are, but compared to here, the rest of the Internet sucks.

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Why would I? The internet should remain as open and free as possible.

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