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Any talk on a new Zelda game?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11085points) July 10th, 2012

Inquiring minds want to know.

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This is all I’ve heard.

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They aren’t being quiet about it at all. Lots of vids including demo vid at

It’s been known for over a year now, coming out for Wii U.

LOL Very contrary to @Daylight ‘s response.

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@mrrich724 , usually a source link goes to the relevant page, you just sent us to IGN’s home page. Do you have the link to the zelda info?

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The “game” they showed for the Wii U is not an actual Zelda game. It’s just a tech demo. It was intended to show the graphics capabilities of the new system and how the screen-controller works. (For those of you who are old enough, you might remember the Link vs. Ganon swordfight they showed in 2000 for the then-new Gamecube… which turned out to look absolutely nothing like Wind Waker.)

Aonuma (the guy who makes Zelda now) has said he wants to shorten the Zelda development time to three years (Skyward Sword took five years). He also said he wants to continue with the motion-control swordplay with the Wiimote controls… which is intriguing because the Wii U’s big draw is supposed to be the tablet controller.

Beyond that, we know nothing.

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To the one in “contrary” with my response, get your information right.

I stumbled upon this question looking for talk on the game myself. I joined to answer it.

Because they aren’t saying much about it. If it was the “well known” game we all knew about, this fucking topic wouldn’t even be here.

The Legend of Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma has sent out a SpotPass notification on the Nintendo 3DS telling people that he hopes they’re looking forward to the next Zelda game which is scheduled to come out on the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo has yet to release any information regarding the next Zelda game, but hopefully we will hear something at GDC

That is not sufficient information. I couldn’t go back in time and wipe my 5 year old ass with that.

And if you look at @Skyline43‘s link, all they’re doing is CONFIRMING it. We don’t even have the title of the goddamn game yet. I guess I should thank you for linking me IGN’s fucking home page, and then LOLing about it.

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Wow, what leever crawled up your ass?

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@Qingu for real! LOL. It’s just a video game, calm down brosette.

But if you want a link, here’s a Link (pun intended)

In addition to that, I’ve been a Zelda fan for ages. So I know what’s going on. It’s a huge mistake to compare this to the Link Ganon sword fight for multiple reasons, mainly being:

1) they never released more than about 15 seconds of content for that.
2) they never showed live game play.

For Zelda WiiU, they have already released significantly more content and a demo. The only reason they aren’t giving you anything more concrete is because it’s for a next-gen system and it’s significantly different than anything before it b/c of the controller interface. They don’t want to say too much and piss everyone off if they end up changing anything ala Wind Waker.

However, since that 15 second clip of Zelda v. Ganon from what, 1999 or something, they learned a lesson and have pretty much followed through on everything they’ve shown since.

So yeah, if I had to bet my money on it, I’d take their word with alot more than a grain of salt on this one and bet that what they’re showing now is going to be VERY close to what’s going to end up coming out.

So if you are a Zelda follower, and apply everything you’ve learned up to this point, like me, you’d be surprised that people are saying “there’s no good info out there other than a tech demo which will probably not amount to anything.”

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Well, here is what Eiji Aonuma said about the Wii U Zelda demo. Judge for yourself.

“Well, one thing I want to emphasize here, when talking about the Wii U Zelda HD experience, is that we really built it specifically to be an experience. The idea is using Zelda as the backdrop for one of these HD experiences, what kind of representation Zelda can make there. But this is really just to show people what kind of things the console can do. And so, it’s not necessarily the case that we would use that graphic style or depiction the same way we would in a new Zelda, when there is a new Zelda for the Wii U. Just like the map functionality that was also implemented in that experience – it’s simply us giving an objective look at the kinds of things that can be done with the HD hardware. And Zelda happened to be the filter through which we view it in that experience. So nothing is defined right now as far as how we’ll proceed.”

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@Qingu DUR HUR aren’t you clever, because I said the F word to a troll, and that means something crawled up my ass. Newsflash: get the fuck over it.

Any more questions?

@mrrich724 They’re being quiet about it like I said. A two minute video doesn’t even mean anything if the game is still deeply under work and hasn’t hasn’t scratched the surface of completion. If you think I’m overreacting then maybe you should take a look at how stupid you sound when this is what you post “LOL this person doesnt know what he’s talking about” then insert your irrelevant ass link.

Daniel Krupa’s crap on IGN DOES NOT mean they’re being open and talkative about this. They aren’t. Which was my point in the first place. Go off about your years of ‘ZELDA EXPERIENCE’ all you want to, because no one cares. You’re probably one of those guys who waste your money on custom made triforce necklaces, and stupid looking tunic hats, so you can showboat it to all your no life having friends. Would I care?

I answered the question legitimately and you should’ve just kept your mouth shut.

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You people need to simmer down.

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seriously. it’s a game. no cursing necessary. you were speaking based on a press release, i was speaking based on the experience of the last 4 Zelda releases and what Nintendo has actually done opposed to what they say.

And just to entertain your dorkery, no, I have never spent a penny on anything related to Zelda.

Love you.

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Don’t play victim just because I gave you what you wanted.

And I doubt that.


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I’m not playing victim. You’re calling me a troll… I’ve been here for several years and have a bunch of comments on a bunch of different topics. Go look! I’m not a troll buddyo.

I gave my opinion. I expressed surprise in a statement that I find wrong.

You started cursing and insulting so I responded to you.

There are TONS of exchanges on here that invoke passion and cursing, and name calling and everything else.

@Mama_Cakes question about Zelda is not one of them. And based on our reactions, if anyone’s spending money on fake Deku nuts, I’d have to go with you…

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It doesn’t matter to me how you found anything if I wasn’t wrong to begin with

Been here for years then shame on you because you should know better

And look at you still playing victim…

I know everyone’s entitled to their own opinions and you’re overreacting. I corrected you

for telling me my statement was incorrect, when apparently it wasn’t. You’ve provided us with

information like I asked you to but the information still fails to exclude my point.

I’m not gonna explain it again

You started this. And really using my insult? You don’t have better to do?

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Daylight, I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and just say that if you want to continue having discussions on Fluther, you need to change your attitude. This is not an XBox live chat log. Nobody here cares about getting into a pissing match about the alleged accuracy of information regarding the Legend of Zelda.

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A pissing match? So apparently you need to get your information right too. I don’t care for those anywhere and that’s not what this is. Who are you to discuss motives? I’ll tell you what else I don’t care about and it’s assholes who want to rebuttal after you dismiss their stupid joke

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Guys, answer the question and move on, please.

We’re in General.

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Sorry @Mama_Cakes :( You have my answer mixed in there anyway . . . which is, Nintendo won’t commit to it so they don’t get backlash as they have in years past, but I’d wager that if you watch what the videos are linked up above, you’ll see something that at least somewhat resembles what the next Zelda will comprise of.

As more info comes out about WiiU, you’ll find out more, as Zelda single-handedly sells consoles for Nintendo in the eyes of many fans, and Nintendo will use that fact whole-heartedly to get people to buy into the next Wii.

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