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Does it irritate you when your advice is totally ignored?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23132points) July 10th, 2012

I’ve been telling my husband for months that he needed to make a doctor’s appointment to have his cough checked out (he’s been hacking for close to 5 months), but he kept ignoring me. Apparently, he’s had “walking pneumonia” for a while, plus an ear infection and a few other things. He only went to the doc today because I forced him to.

I’m glad that he’s finally going to get better, but if he had listened to me, he would have gotten rid of this months ago. It bugs me that his health is apparently such a low priority.

Does it bother you when you give someone good advice, be it due to concern or whatever, and they blow it off?

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Not at all. I derive a lot of satisfaction from them admitting I am right, or alternatively, them suffering from them not listening to me.

I am sorry your husband has the sniffles. Let me know what I can do to make you feel better during this hard time.

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Men have been doing this for 10,000 years. Their wives have been asking the same question for 10,000 years. We’re not that intelligent. We don’t listen to advice about going to the Dr. Sorry.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought Sit naked in a beanbag chair and eat cheetos. Tell me how it feels. I’ve always wondered…

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Sometimes it makes me angry, but most of the time I know that whomever I am trying to advise is probably not going to listen to me or take my advice anyway. In this case it would make me angry that someone I loved was being so obstinate about seeing a doctor.

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@WillWorkForChocolate every time I try to be sensitive you make up some request where I have to be naked. I am worried you don’t respect me as a person.

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Yes, but the men that have been in my life never followed my great advice.

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Only if it’s medical advice.

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It’s very irritating that I ignore nearly all of my own advice.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought Look, just because I want you naked doesn’t mean I don’t respect you! :D

@chyna I know… why is that?

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Yes, I have a very hard time accepting that people will make poor choices even when they are warned about what will happen. I also feel the same way when I ignore advice because I want to find out for myself.

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My husband and I are bit like what @YARNLADY wrote up there in that we ask for each other’s advice on stuff and then have a tendency to try something else anyway. With me, it’s usually to do with driving direction and with my husband, it’s when I suggest ways to save money.

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It started with Moses (and Mrs. Moses):


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Only if said advice ignored, causes me problems.

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It only bothers me if that person not only ignores the advice, but, when nothing changes because of their inactivity, keeps on bitching about the situation every time I speak with them.

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When the yard was being prepared for sodding, my son and his wife warned me not to step in it, because it wasn’t compacted. I ignored their warning and stepped in about one foot of muddy soil. My DIL was amazed. She said “Three adults told you not to step in that and you did it ANYWAY!.”

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lol @YARNLADY it’s kinda like when a waiter/waitress tells someone “Careful, that plate is hot”. What’s the first thing the customer usually does? Touch it, then say “Ow, that really is hot”. Well damn, she/he tried to tell you! Guess it’s just human nature…

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It bothers me more when I don’t follow my own advice…which happens more often than I like to admit.

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If it did I certainly wouldn’t be posting on an online Q and A site?

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Well, I wrote on the other Q that letting a cough go that long is unnacceptible. If he wants to kill himself fine, but he could have endangered you and your children. A cough that does not let up for over a month can be TB. Bad enough walking pneumonia which can be quite dangerous. When I was in Jr. high one of the cops who walked the beat at the plaza I used to walk through on my way home died from it. He got very sick and wound up in the hospital, which is where they diagnosed it, and it was too late.

Most coughs last about three weeks if they are from a typical cold or sinus infection, but significantly getting better the last week, with only bad coughing jags in the middle of the night and early morning.

I would be very pissed my husband did not take my advice and go to the doctor, but I usually am the opposite, usually not one to run to the doctor, he usually goes and I don’t.

I guess it really depends on the thing. Some advice I don’t care if people don’t take it. Depends on how it impacts them in the end. Or, how it impacts me and others. Sometimes people need to find out for themseves through experience.

Also, sometimes my advice is wrong.

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After 35 years of marriage, I’ve gotten desensitized to it. I advise all who it irritates do the same. Yeah—I know. You’ll ignore my advice.

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What irks me is when I’m in a group of people and I say something and I am completely ignored… no eye contact, no laugh, no nod… no response. And it’s not as if I expect everyone to stop their conversations and all respond to me.. but when I try to jump in multiple times into the conversation and am shutdown… that really scrapes me.

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Not really, advice is just that, a personal view intended to help someone out.
A person is accountable for their own actions/deeds & so it’s their choice on what happens next.

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