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What are some professions where one can wear comfortable cotton clothing at work?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) July 10th, 2012

I’m only coming up with Priest and University Professor… I am sure that more jobs exist. Can anyone think of more?

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Judge: Robe with nothing underneath. Dr scrub suits look ok.

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Just about anything in California. We’re pretty casual here.

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A job as a clerk in a retail store that sells cotton clothing. Any job where you work from home.

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Pretty much anyplace that has a business casual dress code would allow you to wear cotton chinos and a cotton polo shirt. If you want to be more comfortable than that, some creative fields don’t have a dress code at all, or you can work from home in your PJs.

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Teachers in Friends’ day schools.

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Government worker.

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Everyone at my vet’s office wears very comfortable clothing, usually covered in dog and cat hair. Cotton is usually not enough during the winters here.

The people who work at Ralph’s Pretty Good CafĂ©, the salespersons at the shoe store, Army and Navy Store, The Bagel Cafe, and, as I think about it, everyone in the stores on our little Main Street. The liquor store, the pet grooming store, the book store, the knitting shop, the used book store, the health food store and the antiques stores.

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Any job that allows business casual. Tons of businesses and industries have that dress code. A lot of telecom, .com, most businesses in FL (some states are more likely to be casual) the list is long. There are businesses that traditionally are not business casual and require more formal work attire like banker, lawyer, Pharmaceutical rep, etc.

Many hospitals.


Any job you can do from home.

Working at a gym.

Working at a grocery store.

Casual restaurants amd cafes.

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Nurse, surgeon, cowboy, hamburger slinger, baby sitter, farmer.

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I was going to say a university professor. I can wear anything I want to work. Nobody is likely to bat an eyelid.

Well except for the ‘fashion critic’ students.

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