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Do you like going to the movies alone?

Asked by Blueroses (18238points) July 10th, 2012

I love the escape to the cool theater in the heat of summer. I don’t care if I’m by myself. It reminds me of childhood in the best way!

Some of my friends say they like that feeling too, but they wouldn’t dream of going by themselves. They think it has to be a social occasion, enjoyed with a friend. Like they’ll be judged by the jury of ushers and popcorn sellers and be found lacking if they attend alone.

1) Would you go to a theater by yourself?
2) Would you buy a large popcorn?
3) Should I go see Brave (3D) or Ted?

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I’d rather go with someone, but going alone is better than not going.
I won’t buy popcorn at the theater. Too expensive.
Don’t know about either movie. Let us know your opinion after you see them.

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Yes, it’s fine either way.

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When I was a single guy sure. It wouldn’t feel right doing it now.

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I am fine alone or with someone. Both are good. The older I get the more I enjoy doing things alone.

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I don’t usually go alone, but if I wanted to see a movie badly enough, I don’t think it would bother to make a solo trip.

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I forgot to answer your other questions.

I never buy any food or drink at the theatre.

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Not really. It’s honestly just too expensive for me to go by myself; I’d rather just watch stuff by myself at home, and where I can flavor my popcorn correctly.

Brave, but the 3D adds nothing.

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Oh, I’ll add:

Small popcorn, and a box of Junior Mints.
Brave. Definitely Brave!

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I really have no problem doing anything alone, depending on my mood I may prefer it. Although my realtionship with my husband is comfortable enough that his company is nice most of the time.

I would never buy the large popcorn, but a choctop for sure!!!

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No, small. Large just gets tossed.

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I don’t go on my own but I probably should do so more.

If you fancy a large popcorn, you should have a large popcorn. I don’t actually like it much.

I have heard Brave is fabulous. I would go to that. Ted looks funny too.

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I have never been to the movies alone, it’s always felt like an outing to be shared with someone else, in fact whenever I saw someone alone it always seemed rather sad in some way.

I remember buying my daughter popcorn, never one of those grossly huge cartons though. Personally I’d rather have an ice cream at the movies.

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I go by myself, sometimes, and I don’t like Popcorn.
See Ted. :) It’s hilarious.

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Would it make any difference if I said our theater has an “incentive day” when all drinks and popcorn and candy are $1?

Or would you be ok going alone to the drive-in? $7 for two movies!

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Doesn’t really answer the question. But I worked at a theater for three years in Oregon. It pretty much always rains here. So during the rainy months (all 11 of them) we would let about 20 regular homeless people just wander around movies all day until we got busy.

We would deliver hot-dogs and popcorn to them too. We had to throw the stuff away and they seemed to like it. Seems like everyone was winner.

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I wouldn’t mind, if I ever had to, but I always have plenty of company.

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I actually prefer watching movies alone. I like to immerse myself 100% into the movie (even if it’s a crappy one).

Yes, large popcorn, large coke. That’s the one time I allow myself to drink soda.

No idea.

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I’ve gone alone a few times, if I want to see something and nobody else does. Not a problem, I love going to the movies, alone or with others.

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That’s so lovely @johnpowell. I am sure they really appreciated being in the warmth and the food.

I haven’t been to the drive-in for years. Will have to talk my husband into it!

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I’ve never done this & have no firm plans to do so, mainly because watching horror films alone makes me weep & piss in my pants & we can’t be having that, especially in an aisle seat.

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I’ve never done that… Going to the movies has always been a social thing for me. I even have a hard time watching movies at home by myself.

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I like it, I’ve done it every now and then. And yes, popcorn. I love the popcorn, in fact I probably would never even go to the movies if they didn’t have any popcorn.

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If I had waited to find someone who wanted to see the same movie as me, I never would have seen Down By Law one of my all time favorite movies. Seeing movies alone allows you to totally immerse your self in the experience. It’s great! The only downside is not having someone to share your reactions with right away. I’m always trying to find someone who loves the same movies as I do even if we never saw it together!

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Dude… there was a “personal attack” on a thread about watching movies? Well, fuck me running…

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Most of the time I prefer to go with a friend or family member, but sometimes I might want to see a movie again (or even multiple times) such as was the case with Dark Shadows, starring Johnny Depp, so I went again by myself, so I could, ahem, enjoy it again LOL.

I got an order of nachos loaded with jalapenos, something I would never do in the presence of others.

I vote for Brave.

I also saw the Harry Potter finale multiple times, first time with friends, second time by myself, because of Alan Rickman, hee hee.

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I rarely go to the movies but when I do, I usually go alone. One time I went to see a movie and there was only me and one other person in the theatre. We ended up sitting next to each other and talking (about the movie, and how gorgeous Orlando Bloom was) all the way through. It was great.

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